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The Mueller testimony that flopped




For two years, the Democrats were depending on a liar to take down Trump on the basis of a conspiracy theory. Both predictably flopped.

The Dems could have done so much more instead of rehashing red-baiting tactics from the 1950s.

For starters they could have opposed Trump on Corporate Welfare and Entitlement (Tax breaks).

They could have opposed him increasing the “Defense” budget.

They could have exposed his financial corruption evidence for which likely exists in his New York real estate businesses.

They could have opposed him on his illegal intervention in Venezuela.

They could have opposed his chicken hawk cabinet on ratcheting tensions with Iran.

In every instance, we see the Democrats either capitulating or supporting Trump. Rep. Adam Schiff actually brought and supported Pompeo and Bolton on Iran; he was just angry that Trump could not sell a war with Iran to other US quislings in Europe.

By placing their entire “resistance” on the basis of a conspiracy that “Russia hacked the elections for Trump”, the Democrats not only set themselves up for present day failure against a corrupt xenophobe. They are also setting themselves up for failure in the future.

By not learning lessons from 2016, the Dems are setting themselves up for another potential disaster in 2020.

Here are some links on the disaster of the Mueller testimony. This is after all the same Mueller who had lied about WMD in Iraq. Anointing him as a Truth crusader like the Dems did was a terrible idea from the start.