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Where is collective wisdom of PPP on Issue of Cafe Khanabadoosh Hyderabad – by Aamir Hussaini



Every PPP member for Sindh Assembly, and National Assembly from Sindh and some very prominent PPP leaders from Sindh, with whom I talked, admitted that to take step against Cafe Khanabadoosh and to seal it, to send Police there were all wrong doings. They admit that such actions are to make indifference the intellectuals, writers, poets and lovers of Sindhi culture and literature in large numbers(Majority of them always faced slang and abusive language over their support for Bhuttos and PPP). But they say Culture Minister has made this issue as mater of his ego.

But I am surprised that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was informed and he promised to resolve the issue with those, who had approached him. But according to some reliable source #BBZ too surrendered in front of high egotistical approach.

Culture Minister for Sindh is proving more powerful than whole Party and his feudal ego is not letting him to bow in front of general public opinion in Sindh in case of #KhanaBadoosh Cafe in Hyderabad Sindh.

Keep my prediction in mind all those, who are reading this post:

If Culture Department doesn’t withdraw and Sindh Minister prefer his ego then big loss will be for #PPP in Sindh that it will deprive from support and sympathy of hundreds of Sindhi writers, intellectuals and authors from all over the Sindh not only but many will become indifference and that will be happened just due to ego of a Minister.

How much shameful is that for a Minister, who claims to be genuine lover of Public Intellectuals and dissenting voice and makes lofty speeches in #Sindh Assembly but in practice he hates difference of opinion and tries to push free thinkers, writers, poets and intellectuals to the wall.

I am standing with my full support with Sindhi intellectuals, writers, poets, teachers, journalists who are making their best efforts to save Cafe Khanabadoosh to make alive culture of Sindh like Amar Sindhu, Irfana Mallah, Mahesh Kumar and Farooq Sumroo etc.