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Western Exceptionalism vs Capitalist China



In the last few months, it has become fashionable to (selectively) raise concerns regarding the religious rights of the ethnically Turk Uighurs based in China’s Xinjiang province. The issue of tensions between China’s Taoist/Buddhist Han majority vs the increasingly Salafist-Wahhabism Uighur minority has been around for decades.

China and the West are now in the midst of a trade war. The situation in the Muslim areas of Xinjiang province has been going on for decades where China is cracking down (and quite possibly using brutal methods) a Salafi-Wahhabi insurgency. It is only now that this issue has become a popular issue for Western liberals and their Desi Devotees.

The sources that are used to describe and explain the Uighur issue are often the typical one-sided Western media outlets and human rights groups. Unfortunately for the Uighurs, these media and rights groups lost their credibility a long time ago. And are continuing to lose further credibility.

In modern times, media behemoths like the #Guardian and rights groups like #AmnestyInternational and #HRW destroyed their remaining credibility. They did this by surrendering their pretense of impartiality and becoming active participants in Western, Saudi, Israeli, Turkish and Qatari interventions against their opponents.

China is not a beacon for rights and liberties. Nor does it claim to be.

Terrible things were done during the “Cultural Revolution” and we should not be apologists for such atrocities as a section of Pakistan’s commercial liberals and corporate left was some decades ago.

Given the West vs China Trade war, is it possible that the brutal crackdown against Uighurs being described in Western media is grossly embellished and exaggerated propaganda?

One should be evolved enough to discard blind beliefs such as Western Exceptionalism. At the same time, one should not give a free pass to China on basic human rights; the denial of which will make this situation worse.

Increasingly, Pakistanis are aware that Uighurs and Uzbek Salafi-Wahhabi terrorists were also involved in atrocities in Pakistan. You know the terrorists that were concentrated in North Waziristan and other parts of FATA, KPK, Punjab, Baluchistan. And which terrorists had their apologists and advocates amongst Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan as recently as 2014!

The State had allowed them to grow and then had to crack down on them. But not before we lost 70,000 + Pakistanis including Benazir Bhutto, Shahbaz Bhatti and the Bilours.

Because our security establishment egged on by their protégés like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan refused to take prompt action – especially during the time of General Kayani.

The same Uighurs form a significant percentage of Salafi-Wahhabi terrorists fighting under #ISIS and #AlQaeda in #Syria. These Jihadists have been backed and funded by the West and their sectarian theocratic monarchist allies, to destroy a secular Syria under President Assad.

Why is it fashionable to raise a voice against China but exclude any mention of the West and its Wahhabi-Salafist allies; whose actions in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria and Libya (among others) has been nothing short of horrific.

And does it really help the human rights of China’s Salafi Uighur minority by inserting them into proxy wars in Syria and Afghanistan??