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Throwing a sporting event is just Bad Karma



India’s defeat in the 2019 Cricket World Cup Semi-Finals is the ideal example of Karma.

India deliberately lost to England to ensure that its arch rivals Pakistan fail to qualify for the Semi Finals. This sort of unsportsmanlike behavior does not go by unnoticed.

At least when Pakistan threw matches in the 1999 World Cup, they were doing so for crass and commercial purposes in as much as they claimed to support Bangladesh then. But the corrupting effect caught up with them in the 1999 Finals. At that time, Pakistan was easily the most talented team in World cricket. But it was corrupted.

India’s loss to England to spitefully end Pakistan’s chances are worse for the sport. The Indian team is composed of billionaires who don’t need to supplement their income from the racist and seedy British gambling industry. India lost to England purely for crass jingoistic reasons. Like Pakistan in 1999, India is the most talented side in this year’s World Cup.

But they lack grace. And today’s defeat to New Zealand is Karmic retribution.