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A minority faction within PPP is continuing to undermine the Jiyalas



Friends tell me why I don’t criticise PPP. Clearly, they have not been regular readers.

One major criticism of PPP has been their stupidity in taking the fire that was intended for PML N.

Why is PPP Punjab hosting scorpions like Imtiaz Alam, a Patwari Liberal sycophant of the Nawaz Sharif dynasty!

People like Imtiaz Alam, Talat Hussain, Hamid Mir, Cyril Almeida etc have made a career as anti-PPP intriguers and shills of the domestic establishment.

Have we forgotten their disgusting role as the mouthpieces of the corrupt Iftikhar Chaudhry?

Have we forgotten their disgusting attacks against PPP at the behest of General Kayani? #CyrilAlmeida even invited General Kayani to enforce a Martial Law by overthrowing the elected PPP government in 2009-10. Cyril did this from the pages of #DAWN

There is a minority faction within PPP that is continuing to undermine the Jiyalas. The Jiyalas wants PPP to focus on the Awaam and on providing an alternate to the crushing economic failures of the PTI Government.

The Jiyalas does not want PPP to sacrifice its political capital by amplifying Mariam Nawaz. Backing PML N scorpions has been one of the major reasons why PPP has been wiped out in much of Punjab.

ALL the cases against PPP workers today have been created by PML N ; not PTI!

Let PML N finally offer some sacrifice. PPP should know that in the inter-establishment tussle going on between two factions, PML N would rather strike another deal with the current dominant establishment faction than offer any sacrifice.

Ditto for PML N’s lifafa brigade of Alam, Nusrat Javeed, Sethi, Cyril, Mir etc.