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World Cup 2019: Well Played Pakistan – by WA Rizvi and Anwar Rizvi



Honestly, this is the best World Cup Pakistan has played since 1999, in face of some truly rotten luck. First game was an unfortunate blur which has haunted them till today. But beating England, South Africa, New Zealand, and (about to beat) a very competitive Bangladesh, almost thrashing Australia (if it wasn’t for Hafeez’s stupidity) and unluckily missing out on an easy game against Sri Lanka.

Conversely NZ LUCKING out and not playing India and gaining a point and again supremely lucky for a boundary rope catch against West Indies, saw Kiwis gaining 3 undeserved points and Pakistan losing one potential point (Kiiwi Ammaon and Jacinda Arden ney kuch parh key bhaija tha) and eventually “the unkindest of cuts” by a disgustingly dishonest India stopped such a spirited advance by our “boys.”

So many positives; Shaheen Afridi a certain super star, Babar Azam becoming better, Haris Sohail gaining confidence, Imad Wasim not half bad, Wahab Riaz valiant & heroic, even Sarfaraz’s captaincy improved, good riddance to Shoaib Malik & Hafeez and hopefully building a good team in the coming months.

Finally, Pakistani spectators; by far the best, most sporting, knowledgeable and passionate than any other team’s.

All n all, well played guys, this Cup is impoverished without you.

Well it’s all over for the Greens bar the shouting. There will be any number of armchair pundits and keyboard experts offering the “final word” on why they are not coming home with the cup.

A number of conspiracy theories are already doing the rounds. I absolutely do not intend to pay any heed to any of that. I am a proud and passionate supporter of Pakistan cricket and it goes above and beyond matters of faith, culture and jingoistic nationalism.

By default and often by design, the Pakistani team by and large has almost always been formed of young men who have had to fight their way out of extreme adversity and all manner of obstructions thrown their way. Most of it sadly by forces within.

There have of course been a privileged few, but the real heroes, the legends of Pakistani cricket, have always been those who have had nothing but sheer, raw talent to get them to the top with minimal support (and often deliberate obstacles).

Given the scandals, the controversies and the terrorist outrage that effectively stopped international cricket taking place in Pakistan, it is nothing short of a miracle that this team is where it is today. I have been a critic of Sarfaraz. I thought he was too defensive as a captain and not the greatest motivator.

But I am impressed with the very dignified manner in which he has conducted himself throughout this campaign. Save your criticisms folk and give these boys a great welcome home. They deserve it.