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Naya Pakistan and Old Pakistan are two camps of remnants of Zia Ul Haq



Yesterday was 5th July and an old Comrade Jiyala, who sees rays of hope in politics of #BBZ and he spent 8 years in jail including three years in torture cell of notorious Shahi fort in Lahore and then in 90s, he implicated in 40 false and bogus cases made by Police, FIA and Ethisab Commission headed by Saif ur Rahman. He says:

‘Insane forces who are mouth organs and media managers disguised in masks of journalists, anchors, social media activists use great rebellion heritage of poetry, fiction created by real rebellion, sane democratic voices like Habib Jalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Ustad Daman, Manto in period of chaos, tumult and unrest, when darkness of dictatorship has been hunting the country, to glorify fake champion of democracy, freedom of expression and who have created its own dynasty in state, who came in conflict with a dominating section of the Establishment not for supremacy of civilian authority or for social democracy or for the justice of common man but due to conflict of economic and power interests between them.

Still they have same inclinations, when they deal with question of slavery of Saudi Arabia, making money through those rackets made during American plus Saudi funded Afghan Jihad first and Kashmir Jihad project later and both use their own faithful sections of Jihadis and land grabbers violent mafia wearing Takfiri and religio-politico masks against their rivals in power politics. Both use same tactics against each others.

You can see that first it was so called Pakistani Che, who ran dirty sexist and religious hate based propaganda against #ImranKhan، at that times mainstream print media was used to calling Imran Khan out ‘Yahoodi Agent’ ‘Conspirator against Islam’ and then organized character assassination campaign against him, when he first time contested the Election.

Modus operandi was same as we had seen in case of PPP, First round fake Che of Pakistan had won.

At that time today’s fake Che of Pakistan was following fully the foot marks of his master and spiritual father Zia ul Haq, he was basically ‘good boy’ and blue-eyed guy of Selectors of the selected. His blood would boils, when he would hear names of Bhuttos or #PPP. All rivals of Zia ul Haqism were security risk in his eyes. But with the passage of the time, he adopted a new way of power grabbing, now he wanted to build its own dynasty and want to control fully like a Saudi King all those, who were in fact Selectors of the selected guys against the real will of the people.

Now doubt, he had gained some mass based power after a long manipulation, political engineering in Punjab but he never allowed any political rival to run freely its political activities and roam freely in the Punjab and his good luck was that despite having reservations about his high and solo flight for constructing his own dynasty ‘The Selectors of the selected’ always supported his policy of retraining the rivals in the Punjab. So he became more confident and more dared. He always manged to fix the Election games. He used massive money and state sources to patronage a heavy and martial brigade in mainstream media and used them fully against his political rivals, either they were from right wing or from left wing.

His pattern was borrowed from ‘the Selectors of the selected guys’ not only but was modified by him more and at same time he used right and left weapons as per need.

If he faced challenge from any religious side, he used rival mullahs and used Takfiri weapon even against Secular and liberal forces too. Tahir ul Qadri is best example to understand the modus operandi of fake Che of Pakistan. Bribed Mullahs of all sects particularly Beralvis and Deobandis were used to declare him apostate and misguided even agent of Qadiyanis/Ahmedis in 90s. And in his last tenure he used #JUIF #SSP even #Lashkar_Jhangvi against Tahir ul Qadri and interestingly in those days we saw united some Pro-Jihadist, Pro sectarian and Commercial liberal Elites against Tahir ul Qadri and both even fully obfuscated the reasons and factors behind Model Town tragedy and both sections didn’t uttered even single word of sympathy for victim families.

But time was different, ‘Selectors of the selects guys’ had manufactured new darling in their factory and they were old players of the game, they also hired such managers, who are wearing different masks, some wearing mask of ‘patriotism’, some wearing mask of ‘protectors of Deen, Islam’ some wearing masks of ‘Crusade against graft and corruption’. Selectors entered new face in the arena of politics in Punjab from clergy. Like #TLP, #JUD and in #NWFP they used University of Jihad, Akora Khatak to let down another powerful Mullah Fazal Ur Rahman, who was hired by Sharif dynasty.

Sharif Dynasty knows well about weakness of ‘The selectors’, so it gambled on commercial liberal mafia to embrace ‘the selectors’.

All hired commercial liberal were given task to propagate all those blunders of the ‘selectors’ which were committed in past and they were directed to omit those parts, which were in fact so dangerous for Sharif dynasty. So commercial liberals tactfully and selectively used history of chaos, tumult and unrest and history of revolt, resistance and struggle in that period of chaos to destroy ‘the selectors’ and to build the image of the head of Sharif dynasty as ‘Che’ or Bhutto of his time.

So dynasty is playing the game in the name of democracy, freedom of the press, supremacy of civilian authority from commercial liberal side and in the name of Islam, under the banner of blasphemy, Namoos etc from commercial clergy like #JUIF and Jihadi cum Takfiri on rent like #SSP.

They are fake and insane voices wearing mask of democracy as their rivals are also fake wearing masks of patriots, of anti-corruption, of accountability, of anti-drugs, of real guards of the country.

Culture of availability of big names for any type of commercialism on rent is reality.

You can get a big name of ‘patriotic and anti-corrupts journalism in market on rent.

Same you can get a tall name in liberalism from market on rent to build your image either as’ Great honest, patriot’ or as ‘ Today’s Jalib, Che, Bhutto’.

Naya Pakistan and Old Pakistan are mere two camps of Remnants of Zia ul Haq, divided due to conflict of interests in those remnants.’