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Murder of young blogger – Aamir Hussaini



“Murder of a young blogger can not be justified just because of the reason that he was brainwashed by sectarian hatemongers and his social media activism was full of abhorring things.”

A blogger, who belonged to banned #SSP aka banned #ASWJ was killed in Islamabad.

His killing is open lawlessness and no doubt act of terrorism.

It is failure of Islamabad administration and failure of safe city project, upon that project billions of rupees were spent.

He was not included as my Facebook friend and it is coincidence that I never saw his posts before his death.

News of his killing came in my knowledge, when I had seen the status updated by Nofil Jellani on his wall. Where his FB ID was also mentioned. Then I visited his wall and saw his posts in detail and my conclusion about his activism on social media is:

Recently he was running blasphemy campaign again #PM #ImranKhan.

In past he had run religiously hatred campaign against those who didn’t support #SSP ‘s Takfiri ideology. His focus of social media activism was to convince the people that Majority of Sufi Sunnis Muslims are polytheists and Shias are apostates and they should be declared non-Muslims by the the state through amendment in Second amendment.

He would show his love for global jihadi cum Takfiri ideology and Aymin Alzawahri and other global faith based terrorist all over the world.

He was supporter of Lal Mosque Jihadists and Takfiri birgade, of TTP, of Alqaeda, admirer of Osama bin Ladin, Masood Azhar and even Haqnawaz Jhangvi, Azam Tariq other pioneers of Takfirism in Pakistan.

We can say that he was among those young Deobandi minds, who alas! Turned to Takfirism, Nasibism, so called Jihadism under influence of Whabbi Ideology supported by thugs sitting in the institutions of the state during 90s when they were studying even in the schools due to fierce Saudi funded and unfortunately state patronized sectarian campaign of the leaders of #SSP aka #ASWJ all over the country, which created a genocidal campaign against Shia, fierce attacks against Sufi Sunnis, Ahmedis Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and those were labeled as Secular, liberal and atheists ‘ The enemies of Islam and friends of Zoins.

He was alleged of posting photoshopped screen shot of persons from rival sects and even of rival political parties and of running blasphemy campaign.

Although as a blogger and social media activist, he was not doing any positive job but his total social media activism was based on religious and sectarian hatred against other sects and religions,his murder is injustice and I strongly condemn this act.

Despite all odd things, he had not deserved to be murdered brutally.

In my thought he was like those dozens of young Deobandi Sunni Muslim minds, brainwashed by sectarian hatemongers. He was talented guy but he consumed his talent negatively.

His murder case should be investigated properly and arrested those culprits, who committed this act of terrorism.


آزادی اظہار کا لازمی پہلو دوسروں کی آزادی اظہار کے حق کو بھی تسلیم کرنا اور دوسروں کے ان کے خیالات سے اختلاف کے باوجود جینے کے حق کا ہر حال میں احترام کرنا ہوتا ہے، کسی فسطائی خیالات کے شخص کو قتل کیا جانا بھی قابل مذمت ہے اور اس کی جان لینے والوں کو واک اوور نہیں دیا جاسکتا، لیکن ایک فسطائی خیالات کے حامل شخص کو ‘آزادی اظہار’ کا علمبردار بناکر پیش کرنا زیادتی ہے-اور اس کا مقابلہ کسی ایسے شخص سے کرنا جو دوسروں کے آزادی اظہار کے حق کو تسلیم کرتا رہا ہو، جس نے کبھی لوگوں کو ان کی مذھبی و نسلی شناخت کے سبب قابل نفرت یا واجب القتل نہ گردانا ہو اور اُن دونوں کو مقتول آزادی اظہار بتانا یہ زیادتی اور غلط بائنری ہے

بلال خان کا قتل ناجائز ہے، ظلم ہے، ناانصافی ہے، قابل مذمت ہے، قابل افسوس ہے اور اُس کے والدین کا صدمہ ناقابل برداشت ہے لیکن صد ہا معذرت کے ساتھ بلال خان مذھبی منافرت پر مبنی ایک فسطائی سوچ کا مالک نوجوان تھا، وہ انسانوں سے ان کی مذھبی شناخت کی بنیاد پر نفرت کرتا تھا اورمذھبی منافرت پر ہونے والے قتل کا ایک یا دوسرے طریقے سے جواز تلاش کرتا تھا، اُس کا مشعال خان سے موازانہ کرنا یا اُس کے قتل کو آزادی اظہار کے سبب قرار دینا غلط اور گمراہ کُن ہے