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Federal budget 2019-20 in a nutshell: now its extortionist state vs helpless citizen – Aatif Afzal



“Just gone through the highlights of Economic Survey of Pakistan 2018-19. It paints a very bleak picture especially for the poor & middle classes; and bleaker for the year 2019-2020” – Aatif Afzal

The direct and indirect taxes in the 2019 budget are simply devastating for the labor, farmer, lower income, lower middle and middle class of Pakistan.

This will lead to stagflation – where inflation is accompanied by recession and unemployment.

It is crippling for the salaried class – a significant section of which includes the brainwashed and fascist supporters of the PTI-MQM-GDA alliance regime.

This note is a short summary. The quotes and snap shots are borrowed from people whom I have acknowledged here.

“Shame on those who still support PTI and their false fascist and populist views. where did the concerns of HDI growth went? We all know how Defense does not contributes to HDI growth and how Health and Education are two of the main components of Human Development but we still choose to spend 1152 billion on buying arms but just 77 and 11 on Education and Health. As for the “voluntary no-increase” in Defense sector is mere a hoax. The rise in Defense Budget is 15 billion which is around 35% higher than the entire Education Budget. Cheers to this new-reformed-democratic Pakistan under the Fascists PTI government, we are back into political uncertainty, loss on Stock Market, decrease in FDI, highest amount of debts, highest inflation rates, highest level of unemployment as well as highest currency devaluation in decades.

But PM handsome hai, aur Asif Zardari jail me hai aur uper sy ehli baar hukomat me aaye hain. khair hai chalta hai, hota hai, duniya hai jeena hai.” – Asif Naqvi

I am indebted to Aatif Afzal Anwar Iqbal Syed Asif Naqvi Muhammad Aamir Hussaini and Javed Morejo from whose walls I have borrowed and compiled this post.