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PTI and PML N’s JIT “Report” against PPP suffers an embarrassing reversal in the Courts



In one forum, a PTI supporter shared the same JIT report that has been circulated actively in Pakistan since December 2018. As per this PTI supporter, Asif Zardari is “guilty of $50 billion corruption”.

Case closed. Not need for the courts to question the accusations or examine evidence.

Now we know that in Court, NAB first accused Asif Zardari of Rs 14 billion in corruption. Just to add some context, $1 = Rs. 150 +!

It then adjusted its corruption claim downwards to Rs 4 billion. NAB finally had to admit that Rs. 30
Million were transferred in an account and they still have no case!

Morals of this story of political witch-hunt:

1. Pakistan’s educated Mummy Daddy crowd suck at basic arithmetic

2. They also suck at lying.

3. When accusing the PPP, go big. Make sure you project all your own corruption on to PPP who are at the mercy of the same establishment that brought in your choice of flunkey/stooge (Imran Khan/Nawaz Sharif)

4. Accuse anyone who questions your false claims as being a “sycophant” “votary” of “dynastic feudal politics” even as you suck up to Maryam Nawaz.

The last one is an example of gibberish that a Patwari liberal chumcha of Nawaz Sharif left on my wall.