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Irony of The Left in Pakistan – Riaz Malik


Establishment’s Left Wing can see very person, every worker being oppressed, tortured and his basic rights being violated in Pakistan, Except from PPP Workers.

When their rights are violated, they expect PPP to support and raise voice for them(which PPP does) but keep their eyes and mouth closed when same is done with PPP.

No wonder they can see every Undemocratic act in Pakistan but yet opt to support Dictator Musharraf by calling him a Liberal Dictator.

The Boutique/Corporate left has been on the wrong side of history for quite some time now. In 1970, they refused to support PPP and Bhutto and were divided in playing Cafe Sectarianism between China and Russia/Soviet Group. Notice, no Pakistan group.

That is why they hate PPP because it represents an organic movement as opposed to imported ideologies.

In 1977, they danced in the laps of the Junta, Judges and Jamaat e Islami in the PNA Movement. We all now what that lead to. This includes Asma Jahangir’s father.

In 2007-9, they danced in the laps of ISI, General Kiyani, Jamaat e Islami and Sipah Sahaba during the Liars Movement. All this to restore a corrupt Grade 22 Bureaucrat who had licked the boots of Musharaf for 8 years, supported multiple violations of the Constitution and then decided to support the rising star of General Kiyani.

Do you really expect any honesty from this lot??

Chairman Bilawal needs to be very careful of this lot. They betrayed PPP multiple times and Bilawal must stop tweeting or repeating their discourse.

It is appalling to see PTI and MQM supporters cheering this kind of vicious crackdown against political workers and elected representatives. When PTI protested the police brutality by PML N, we supported them – just as we will call out the police brutality by PTI-MQM government against PPP workers. As for MQM, this is the same party that used to hold Urban Sindh as hostage and tried to break it up. But ended up breaking into dozens of pieces themselves and now at each other’s throats.