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Takfiri Muslims who glorify the capture of a State can now see their reflection in India



Takfiri Muslims who glorify the capture of a State can now see their reflection in India. Similarly, the electoral results in India dent the dishonest scholarship of the New Atheist Movement.

India is an ancient civilization that has contributed immensely to science. Indian society (Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh) is also a deeply religious society. And vast sections of the Majoritarian community in India have gravitated towards a most insular and intolerant version of the faith.

This is another contradiction for the New Atheist and Thomas Friedman types whose shallow understanding of modernity and science often contradicts their own blind belief in “US exceptionalism”.

In Pakistan, the Insaafian supporters of Imran Khan are also gloating; as are some of the liberals.

“We told you so. We needed this to justify our own existence” is the PTI refrain.

Both PTI and liberals are also rooting for Modi because, in their narrow and parochial understanding of history and politics, Modi’s electoral victory vindicates their bitterness against political dynasties. Clearly, they are oblivious to irony because Modi’s electoral victory as an incumbent has been achieved twice in India (by Nehru and Indira) and once in Pakistan (Bhutto).

If anything, “dynastic” politicians had kept these forces of Fascism at bay. Romila Thapar’s India has suffered a major blow and unleashed the forces of revisionism. The same revisionist forces have been at work in Pakistan in absolving General Zia ul Haq, Sipah Sahaba and their various progenies.

One of these revisionist liberals achieved his name brand from his PPP father’s achievements. Meanwhile, Imran Khan himself is the nepotist beneficiary of the powerful Niazi, Zaman and Burki clans who dominate Pakistan’s civil-military bureaucracy.

Modi’s electoral victory is a dark shadow for the region. It is similar to Nawaz Sharif’s “2/3” mandate in 1997 – an inflection point from which right wing, fascist governments have remained in ascendancy.