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Accountability Czar probably disgraced by Imran Khan for conducting a slower pace (witch-hunt) against Zardari – Najam Sethi



Recently, a sordid personal video was released that damaged Javed Iqbal, the head of NAB. This is Pakistan’s National Accountability Bureau that was initially set by the military dictator General Musharaf. It has been kept active due to establishment pressure and has been primarily used against political rivals. As is often the case, the PPP is often the victim of such establishment witch hunts.

As per Najam Sethi, a person connected to multiple establishments and political parties (like PML N), the video released against Javed Iqbal is a pressure move by Imran Khan. Sethi’s uncanny revelation probably came just before the release of the video.

In his typical smug style, Sethi gossips about how PM Imran Khan is frustrated with the slow pace of a NAB inquiry against Asif Zardari and other political rivals. Imran has gotten his own political appointee just below the NAB chief and this sordid tactic is the way to get his biased appointee in the driving seat.

These blackmailing tactics by Imran is also to save numerous leaders of PTI whose corruption is being exposed. The list includes but is not limited to Faisal Vawda, Jehangir Tareen, Khattak etc.

Imran Khan’s entire politics (much like his right wing predecessor Nawaz Sharif) revolves around smug and self righteous proclamations and vicious attacks against political rivals.

Imran Khan is as bold in smearing his political rivals as he was spineless in standing up to the Taliban when they were massacring 70,000 Pakistanis.

Najam Sethi is the master of smear tactics himself. His gossip could be wrong. However, in this case, things add up. After all, Najam is himself familiar with smear tactics (his relentless abusing of Benazir Bhutto in semi public settings during the 1990s) so he knows how to deploy smut tactics.

And Imran Khan is in the ideal position to use such sordid tactics.


کل کےپروگرام میں نجم سیٹھی نےانکشاف کیاکہ عمران خان نےایک نئی سازش کی عمران خان نےاپنا بندہ ڈپٹی چیئرمین نیب لگوا دیا ہےاور اب کسی طرح چیئرمین سے استعفی لےکر ڈپٹی چیئرمین کو ایکٹنگ چیئرمین نیب کاعہدہ دے دیا جائےجو اپوزیشن کی ایسی کی تیسی کردےعمران نے بہت پریشر ڈالدیا ہے


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