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Elitest Iftaris will not solve the pressing needs of the Average Pakistani



Over the weekend, PTI-MQM-GDA followers were loosing their minds at a Iftar gathering lead by the PPP opposition and including PML N and JUI F.

The criticism by PTI-MQM and their followers, was as always, lacking substance or sense. Most of all, it was completely hypocritical given that the PTI-MQM-GDA alliance had their own lavish Iftar party at the same time!!

PTI and MQM, and even PML N and Sipah e Sahaba for that matter, were hatched and backed by Pakistan’s military establishment. PTI and MQM hated each other for decades before they got in bed together. This too is part of politics but PTI and MQM, being the self righteous hypocrites that they are, always pretended to be above the political fray.

After all, this is the same MQM that claims to be against Feudalism but has always aligned with the most notorious Feudals (Pir Pagara) in Sindh. They even patched up with Zulfiqar Mirza who was sidelined within PPP after his xenophobic remarks against MQM supporters in Urban Sindh and his pandering to the same violent militias originally started by MQM. While failing to partition Sindh to protect their declining turf, MQM has itself broken up into many pieces and one faction is now aligned with Imran Khan.

Both of them hated and cursed each other for decades and are now singing each other’s praises.
This is common in politics but PTI and MQM always pretended to be above this.

Meanwhile, the PPP should not be too smug either. While it is ok to align with the opposition, this must not come at the cost of absolving PML N for the economic mess that they left behind. A mess that has been made much worse by the incompetent PTI.

PPP is the party of the masses. They should focus on their own shortcomings in Sindh as well as highlight the collapse of medical services in Punjab and KPK. They should not cede these provinces which were once PPP bastions.

Bilawal has clearly been the most intelligent, capable and thoughtful leader in Pakistan today. Far ahead of Benazir wannabes like Maryam Nawaz who displayed the same spinelessness as much of her party in the face of adversity. After all, where was PML N when Bilawal was calling out the PTI-MQM Government on Missing Persons issue and the issue of PTI government’s links with banned sectarian terrorist groups??

PPP should re-focus on the core economic issues that are crushing Pakistan. Issues that have emerged because of the right wing, Neoliberal policies pursued by BOTH the PML N and PTI governments.

Asif Ali Zardari has correctly stated that the PTI Government will fall by itself. The PPP should focus on Pakistan.