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Liberals are apologists of Wahhabi Salafi terrorism



Liberals are more insidious in protecting Wahhabi terrorism and its Saudi and Western sponsors. You will often see these liberals attacking faith and devotional practices that have nothing to do with terrorism.

On the contrary, those Sunnis (Barelvis), Sufis, Shias etc engaging in faith and devotional practices are the biggest victims of Wahhabi terrorism.

Sipah Sahaba is at least upfront about its hatred for Milad, Azadari and Naat. Liberals, some of whom share the same sectarian prejudices as Sipah Sahaba, use more insidious tactics.

These liberals will often abuse and mock the Burhanuddin or some harmless Sunni pir and their devoted followers. The same liberals get apoplectic with self righteousness when a Shia speaker mourns the tragic events of Karbala.

However, when the above faith groups are bombed and massacred, these liberals are no where to be found. And if they do make a token gesture, it will be to hide the Wahhabi identity of the perpetrators.

In his blog for DAWN, MQM shill and prominent liberal Nadeem Paracha engages in the same dishonesty.

For Nadeem, hundreds of Shias getting blown to bits by Deobandi terrorists is because of “sectarian violence”. That’s like saying that the Holocaust by Nazi Germany was not a genocide of Jews, gypsies and other dissidents. It was “sectarian violence” where the victims and perpetrators are to be equated.

This is the reprehensible moral compass of our elites.

Meanwhile, kudos to this mint press article of Saudi Wahhabi complicity in the horrific terrorist attacks against Sri Lankan Christians on Easter.