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PTI’s Gaslighting on natural reserves is an indictment of its support base



Normally, this would not merit headlines. It is obviously disappointing news for Pakistan.

1. It is still an indictment of PTI’s sheer stupidity and incompetence that they had unfairly raised hopes across the country.

2. Even if Pakistan discovered huge reserves, we are not in a position to optimize on it. Especially given the atrocious economic priorities of both PML N and PTI. Both would have squandered these precious resources on expensive, commissions laden “metros” and CPEGs – instead of economically viable and socially beneficial programs like BISP, power generation, jobs, manufacturing and agricultural subsidies.

And then they and their nauseating, self righteous supporters would accuse PPP of corruption while prostrating themselves in front of corrupt judges and ambitious generals.

MQM would have sent the proceeds to London or fought gang wars for the turf.

3. We did discover coal reserves in Thar. And it took 3 PPP governments separated by a period of 25 years to bring it to a proper fruition where they:

1. Empowered the inhabitants of Thar
2. Successfully managed foreign interests without loosing the natural resource
3. Used it to generate electrify
4. Create jobs
5. Provide Jobs training
6. Export electrify to our industrial zones in Faisalabad
7. Share the royalties with Tharis
8. Create water plants
9. Set up universities
10. Create hope on sustainable progress

As opposed to gas lighting the public like PTI.