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Will the United States start yet another war – this time with Iran?

While the United States is a deranged super power that likes nothing better than war mongering, it’s Establishment is currently divided. And that is good news for the rest of the planet.

The current US President has removed the mask off US foreign policy. This was not possible during the Obama years or a potential Hillary regime. The ugliness of US foreign policy was camouflaged as Obama expanded W’s 2 wars to 7 or 8 different conflicts.

This time however, the US Establishment is divided. Even rabid Neoconservatives like #DavidFrum and Establishment rags like #WaPo are wary of war.

Frum’s recent piece for #TheAtlantic is as close as one can expect to a mea culpa from a rotten soul. In it, Frum obliquely acknowledges some degree of error for his role in the devastation inflicted on millions of Iraqis.

He then insidiously tries to justify his other lies by equating Hamas with Al Qaeda. This is the Neoconservative line of harping on the Shia vs Sunni False Binary while also contradicting it.

Neither Frum or WaPo talk bother to mention how US allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel are supporting Al Qaeda and ISIS.

While reckless US policy could lead to a miscalculation and a dangerous escalation with Iran, chances are greater that this will not happen.

For the time being, only lunatics like Bolton are pining for war with Iran. McCain is mercifully dead so that is one less war mongering criminal thirsting for the end of humankind. We still have unhinged liberals like Rachel Maddow who support Bolton.

However, the United States Establishment seems wary for now. It’s not easy going after an enemy that can actually fight back and that has typically been the case where the United States backs off.

Bolton’s unhinged desire to put the lives of Americans and Iranian in danger has damaged Trump’s over hyped “negotiating” strategy with Iran. Even spineless US allies like Europe are embarrassed with this most recent round of sabre rattling with Iran.

Post script: this is an indictment of US foreign policy. The Average American across the political isle are wary of war. Such policies have neglected the domestic problems of health, education, the environment and infrastructure within the United States.