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Trump Derangement Syndrome is a direct corollary of eschewing Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders


Amongst the average, non-millennial Democrat voter, the goal for the 2020 elections is simply “Anyone but Trump”

In reality, the Democratic Establishment would rather loose the general elections with a Biden-Buttigieg-Kamala ticket than win with a Bernie-Gabbard ticket. The Establishment Democrats prefer Trump over Bernie!

This is a strategy that is based on fear and a reactionary view of society and the world. As per this strategy, a creepy, misogynist war criminal like Biden is more acceptable than Trump. Biden and a combination of shifty opportunists like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg whose platform until now is replete with platitudes and little else.

It does not matter to the average, middle aged Democrat voter that Biden has played a significant role in the class warfare inflicted by the US establishment on the average American. Neither does his horrible and central role in thwarting Anita Hill’s testimony to Congress.

Kamala has a terrible record as a collaborator of the For Profit Prison complex. Buttigieg has a mixed record as a mayor but his vacillation on concrete policy and his military intelligence, background coupled with his stint at McKinsey should raise some flags.

These are the acceptable candidates for Establishment Democrat elites as evidenced by their fund raising and friendly treatment by media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, NYT etc.

Multiple polls, which have been proven to be non-inclusive of Democratic voters below 49 years of age, have Biden and his likely mates leading.

Implicit in this Establishment Democrat strategy is not so much a rejection of Trump as it is a rejection of a people’s based politics. It is a rejection of Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard.

Howard Shultz, a Centrist, has threatened to run as an Independent if Bernie wins the Democratic binary. On the other hand, he will not run if Biden is on the ticket. In a telling display on MSNBC with Morning Joe, Centrist Democrat Donny Deutsch blurted that he would rather vote for Trump than Bernie. Morning Joe quickly stepped in to correct his gaffe. But this is how the Democratic elites view the world. It is a vision of protecting elite privileges based on identity politics and a ultra woke posture that is divorced from the harsh reality of economic struggle, environmental disaster and a world being threatened by a deranged super power.