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Establishment Rag DAWN admits that PPP was the best Economic manager – Riaz Malik


In a popular survey, DAWN compared all the 21st century governments of Pakistan and came to the obvious conclusion. Which is that the 2008-13 PPP Government was the best manager of Pakistan’s precarious and fragile economy.

What it did not bother to mention was the severe constraints faced by PPP.

The PPP was constantly attacked by the Judiciary and regularly undermined by COAS General Kiyani.

Kiyani used Nawaz Sharif to undermine PPP inside the parliament and IK outside the parliament. The CJP attacked PPP constantly.

The MQM betrayed and blackmailed PPP throughout and let loose violence and terrorism in Urban Sindh.

The religious parties attacked PPP and murdered its governor in Punjab.

The Taliban were allowed to roam freely, kill thousands of Pakistanis and even decided the fate of the 2013 elections in favour of the PML N and PTI and against PPP, ANP.

The PPP government kept requesting for a full operation against the Taliban in NWA which General Kiyani refused to do. Instead he let loose IK, MQM, Shahbaz Sharif and Sheikh Rashid to abuse Zardari and the Bhutto family.

The 2010 record floods devastated the economy. The PPP were also saddled with Hafeez Pasha from 2011-13. He was not their choice.

The PPP had to face the highest oil prices of $140 + when they came in. Musharaf was running on blackmailing and deferment of loans which ended as soon as PPP came in.

The Judiciary destabilised the entire country and even conducted the coup against a unanimously elected Prime Minister Gillani.

The media and left liberal “intelligentsia spewed poison against the PPP 24/7. #CyrilAlmeida of DAWN even incited General Kiyani to overthrow the PPP government and end democracy in Pakistan (“Inside Zardari’s mind”)

Liberal champions and so-called PPP voters (there is really no proof that they were pro PPP) like Asma Jehangir mostly supported the rabid anti-PPP bias of her beloved judiciary. While PPP government supported her elections in the SCBA, Asma failed to protect them from a judicial coup.

And PPP still had better results in export growth, low trade deficits, low electricity prices, growth in manufacturing and agriculture etc.

PPP still managed record legislation to give both provincial governments their right and remove extra constitutional powers of the President. They would have achieved more had Nawaz Sharif/PML N not scuttled effort to remove Ziaist clauses like Article 62/63.

PPP started BISP – Pakistan’s most successful welfare. Instead of building on it based on the framework provided by PPP, both PML N and PTI governments have tried to end it.