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Hillary ran a “soulless, scripted campaign” – Former US President Obama


A recent Daily Mail article (May 2nd, 2019; link provided in comments section), presents Obama’s anger, frustration and delusions after Hillary’s loss to an orange haired, xenophobic buffoon.

Obama felt that he left a good economy behind for Hillary and she failed to capitalize on his messaging. He also compared himself to the fictional Micheal Corleone and was devastated that he would be handing power over to Trump.

That Obama had so much time to stay abreast of popular cultural references that he was even aware of the weakest God Father move (part 3) is telling in itself. When did he work?

Still, it is important to unpack and analyze both Obama’s frustrations and delusions about the 2016 elections. It is also important to highlight that it wasn’t just $54,700 worth of Russian Social media memes and email phishing attempts that cost the 2016 elections. Anyone who has actually studied those memes (ripped cartoon Bernie and a Christian anti-Masturbation message) will attest to that.

Obama is spot on about Hillary’s soulless and scripted campaign.

Did the Russians hack Hillary’s brain to force her to spend more time campaigning in Republican States like Arizona and North Carolina vs securing Rust belt states such as Wisconsin and Michigan?? And no, simply debunking the conspiracy theory of Russia-gate does not make one an accessory to Putin or a crony of Russia of 2019 (as opposed to the Stalinist Soviet Union of 1949)

In 2019, Russia is not the only country curtailing press freedom. Assange, Snowden and Manning are testament to that reality. Moreover, the closest ally of the United States in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia – a country that dismembered #JamalKhashoggi.

Obama also comes across as delusional in his assessment of the economy. While corporate profits were and are still at record highs, the average American has not seen the benefits of this tech economy. His bailing out of the same predatory gamblers who wrecked the global economy in 2008 resonated against him. Between 2010 to 2016, the Democrats lost a thousand seats at various level of government. Hillary herself lost close to 13 million votes to Obama’s 2008 victory margins. (factoring in the growth of new voters in those 8 years).

Obama’s Neoliberal policies and his campaigning in favor of trade deals that hurt the American worker also damaged Hillary. Trump kept hammering away on the TTP in the Rust belt States.

Let’s see how quick the Establishment Democrats and Obama are to walk back from the claims made in this article; which itself is sourced of a 2017 book that was recently updated.

Will the Dems stop wasting their times in rehashing conspiracy theories and actually start opposing Trump on Venezuela? On Mass surveillance? On tax breaks to the wealthy? On Defense spending?

NO. The evidence is to the contrary where Establishment Democrats and their shills like #RachelMaddow are attacking Trump – from the Right! They want him to bomb Syria more as well as support more illegal coups in Venezuela!

The Dems are left with fear tactics. Vote for the candidate that emerges out of a fixed primary or else. Obama is backing Biden. Hillary is backing Buttigieg while the real energy in the Democrat party lies with Bernie, Gabbard and an 89-year old Mike Gravel. Some of the most sound policy proposals are with Warren but the Establishment Dems are promoting vapid, platitudes-heavy and policy-free sellouts like Harris and Buttigieg. Or Biden who has been on the wrong side of racism, misogyny, war, corruption and creepiness since the last 45 years.