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Khurram Zaki: Silenced for standing up to Takfiri Fascism

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Shaheed Khurram Zaki’s martyrdom. In a short but blazing career, Khurram Zaki redefined human rights activism.

As editor and contributor of Let Us Build Pakistan (LUBP), Khurram Zaki showed that activism needs to be principled. He exposed the opportunists who preferred to go after easy targets and low hanging fruits.

Khurram Zaki eschewed this brand of Fake activism and went towards the core of the issue of Takfiri fascism. No ifs and buts for Khurram.

He did not believe in using euphemisms or code names when tackling controversial issues. He pinpointed ASWJ and the Lal Masjid as epicenters of this Takfiri Fascism. He refused to operate under pen names and faces his adversaries head on. And for that he paid the ultimate price.

Khurram’s martyrdom was universally condemned. There was a national outpouring of support for him. All but the elite liberals whose activism he had exposed as hollow, mourned his loss.

It is one thing to (unsuccessfully) attempt to slander the memory of a martyr from the comforts of North America and India – as the liberal elites did.

It is a different ball game to call out Takfiri Fascism in clear and unequivocal terms like Khurram Zaki did.

He stood by LUBP and refused to compromise the narrative. It would have been very easy and lucrative for him to have abandoned his cause and betrayed his supporters and LUBP. He could have latched onto the gravy train of Patwari liberals. He did not.

Four years later, these liberal sellouts have become irrelevant in Pakistan. Khurram’s legacy remains as potent as ever.