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Shahid Afridi: Allegations about team management being incompetent and handling 2010 match fixing cannot be brushed away


Shahid Afridi delighted and frustrated his cricket fans in equal measure. Yes, it was obvious that he was significant older than the official record. This much was obvious and it was one of the worst kept secrets in Pakistan’s domestic cricket scene.

Still one must listen to what Shahid Afridi has said about the incompetent manner in which then team management handled the 2010 match fixing allegations. We cannot progress unless we don’t learn from our future.

Similarly, it is both disappointing but not surprising to read about the groupings within the cricket team. This prevented Pakistan from achieving its full potential through much of the 1990s and early 2000s. During this time, the talent within the team was enviable.

Shahid Afridi should highlight how the team was divided further because of the excessive focus on religious proselytising.

As a cricketer, Shahid failed to achieve his full potential. He never paid enough attention to his initially promising leg spin bowling. And his batting never fully reflected his amazing hand-eye coordination and athleticism.