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Dr. Hafeez Sheikh IMF Wala knows nothing, only Asad Umar knew how to make Pakistan “rule the world”


Just recently I came across an interview of current, de facto finance minister, Hafeez Sheikh IMF-Walla where he was throwing out numbers about increased poverty, inflation and debt.

B——-dy Economist does not know anything. It was only our over-hyped and privileged Manager Hazrat Asad Bin General Ghulam Umar (Fateh Bangladesh) who knew how to make Pakistan “rule the world”

Ever since Hazrat Imam Imran Khan (ra), Supreme Leader of drawing room Pakistanis, single handedly won the 1992 World Cup, he was convinced we were meant to rule the World.

He took that 1990s jingle seriously! And he also took the prize money very seriously and tried to divert as much of it for his favorite charity as possible. Even the share of those other team members who had come along for the ride and contributed nothing to winning the 1992 World Cup.

Since his historic and pre destined ascension as the selected, oops! Elected Prime Minister, Hazrat Imran Khan has planted 5 trillion trees in Bani Gala alone. Murad Saeed has personally collected $400 trillion from all the corrupt Pakistanis. And Faisal Vawda, when he is not busy in single handedly fighting terrorists and posing on his Harley Davidson, has created 1 trillion new jobs.

These jobs are under the category of #RighteousFarts and involve gas lighting the public and abusing and slandering easy targets like the PPP.

We all know how gas lighting the public is the best way to kick start the economy. This and Ghairat.

Meanwhile, Comrade Che Nawaz Sharif Guevara faces exile in Al-England near the Bantustans of Al-Harrod. Where he and Maryam will bravely bear hardship as they wait on Al Shahbaz to repair relations with the Establishment. This will create further unemployment for Al-Sethi and Al-Haqqani liberals.