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Shias of Pakistan as Persecuted Community: It is not Myth or exaggerated


Note: Being a Sunni Muslim I always feel shame whenever I see majority from my community active on social media keeping silence on this issue under influence of false binary theories made by Commercial liberal mafia or far right groups when ever they deal with Question of Shia persecution in Pakistan. Fizza is Pakistani Shia Muslim woman and what she is saying is so painful and I think we should read it again and again to understand the question of Shia persecution in Pakistan.

I again say that their persecution is not result of Shia_Sunni conflict and it is not result of 1400 years old disputes between Shia and Sunni Muslims but it is result of emergence of Neo-Nasibism which persecutes every that persons who loves Hazrat Ali and Ahlebait either he/she is Sunni or Shia. Every person who says that Hazrat Ali was just Caliph and his rule was only legitimate and who were confronting him were rebellious and on unjust way and his opposition’s system was totally unethical although Sunnis do not do bad mouthing against those who were Sahahabi but they also do not support their political system and ideology are all Rafazi.

Shias in eyes of followers of Neo-Nasabism, having much germ of religious fascism. Followers and preachers of Neo-Nasibism are not Sunnis but they unfortunately emerged from Sunni( Majority from Deobandis and minority from Salafi and Barelvis) and still they wear mask of Sunni Islam to deceive innocent common Sunni Muslims, so beware of them and not to fell into their trap.

On 8th of January 2012, my uncle was shot dead in the streets in front of his four year old daughter. He kept on requesting “mujhe mat maro” following with “mere bachey bohut chotey hein”. How would you feel when a four year old would come to you and tell you that her father kept saying this? Even after he continued begging, they killed him. Their hearts were so full of hatred that they shot him, they shot him thrice, again and again until he was no longer breathing. After his death the four year old who should’ve been playing with dolls was having nightmares that made her scream “baba baba” in her sleep.

What was his crime? Being a “Shia” was his crime. We lost him and as traumatic as this is we’re at peace knowing that he’s at a much better place, but there is something even more upsetting, it’s the hope that someone might return home one day, a mother waits for her son and a sister for her brother’s safe return. Every friend and family member waits for a call or a message of his return. Can you imagine yourself in a situation like that?

Well, that is what happened in our city on the 27th of March 2019, my younger uncle was illegally abducted from his way home and we haven’t heard from him since. I ask if this is The “Islamic” Republic of Pakistan where Shia persons are being abducted and that too illegally without any notice?

We are proud of the shahadats we’ve given but we will not sit idle when so called intelligence agencies and security forces deprive us from our basic rights of not knowing how and where our family member is?

My only concern is do we not have the rights to know where our fathers, brothers and sons are taken? Are we not humans? And this is not only about my uncle it’s about all the other men who are illegally taken away from their families and homes. If there’s anything against them they should be arrested legally and not taken away like this.
I believe the people who killed my uncle back in 2012 were not literate, they killed in the name of religion but why the agencies?

We did not give away our lives and sacrificed everything to have to face all of this today.