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Dawn’s dishonest editorial about who was attacked with the “Traitor” label


DAWN’s dishonest editorial about who was attacked with the “Traitor” label fails to mention the Communist Party, ZAB and BB who were all attacked as traitors. In every elitist drawing room of Pakistan, ZAB is still the most viciously attacked with the traitor label. This editorial is typical of Zaffar Abbas’ dishonest style.

Muhammad Aamir Hussaini writes:

Daily Dawn Editorial is courageous but does not mention that first time Communist Party of Pakistan and its leadership were declared traitors by Government of Pakistan in 1951. Neither it mentions that it was Hasan Nasir General Secretary of CCP Karachi who was killed extrajudicially in Jail of Lahore Fort while declaring him a traitor and spy of India. Dawn obfuscate that in this country Ayub Khan’s regime had also raised question on patriotism of #ZAB and then it was Ziaulhaq Regime which propagated that it was the Bhutto who broke Pakistan and then PPP was declared a enemy of Pakistan.

In the period of Zia dictatorship it was young communist Nazeer Abbasi who was arrested with Jam Saqi, Prof. Jamal Naqvi and others and he was tortured to death and other were trialed under charges of treason, espionage, traitorship and revolt against state of Pakistan.

then Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was called out Security Risk and agent of USA and India. Then Nawaz Sharif was trialed under charges of treason and high jacking.

Communists and Jiyallas were not mentioned in a courageous editorial written by Daily Dawn under worst editorship of Zafar Abbas who have broken all past records of distorting and obfuscation about Bhuttos and PPP.