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Commercial Liberal Mafia’s disgusting hypocrisy against Takfiri Fascism


Just a year ago, Imran Khan was being viciously attacked for visiting a Sufi shrine with his wife. Those of you who follow this wall know I am not a fan of Imran Khan’s politics.

But I found that attack against Imran Khan’s Sufi beliefs UNACCEPTABLE. Both ISIS-affiliate groups (like Sipah Sahaba) and Pakistan’s liberal sellouts were using the same talking points against Imran Khan and his Sunni Barelvi/Sufi wife.

When his previous wife, Reham Khan attacked Imran on including Sunni Sufi and Shia politicians in his party, most of Pakistan condemned her bigotry. The only ones who supported Reham’s sectarian bitterness were once again, Sipah Sahaba and liberals on PML N’s payroll.

Sunni Barelvis, Sufis and Shias make up the overwhelming majority of Pakistan’s population. Most of them subscribe to a common shrine Sufi culture which includes Hindus as well. Decades of attempted re-engineering by US-backed military dictators has failed to overturn this dynamic.

Since yesterday, Shehla Raza, a senior PPP Leader is being subjected to a blasphemy campaign for disagreeing with the Omayyad dynasty.

Not one of Pakistan’s notable liberals has come out in her support. Some of them are attacking her past rather than coming to her support as she literally faces mortal danger.

Shehla is both a PPP member and a Shia – a double whammy for liberal sellouts in Pakistan. For Pakistan’s commercial liberals, humanity is a selective quality and not applicable to the “wrong” sect, ethnic group or political orientation.

While Shehla has made objectionable statements in the past, she has been called out. Even on this wall.

Even this wall supported Imran Khan’s 2014 protest as it pertained to condemning the Model Town massacre of anti-Taliban Sunnis, perpetrated on the orders of PML N’s top leadership.

Human rights, and more importantly, the right to life cannot be doled our or withheld based on sect, ethnicity and political orientation.

Mustafa Kamal and Ishrat ul Abad were far more complicit in supporting Sipah Sahaba than Shehla’s stupid statements and justifications in the past. But of course, they are held to a different standard because of their affiliation with the former MQM.

No such latitude for mistakes exists for PPP.

Similarly, Pakistan’s liberal mafia has a terrible record of dishonesty and complicity when it comes to Sufi Sunnis and Shias. On the blasphemy issue, Shia Muslims have faced the brunt but dishonest liberals like #JibranNasir deliberately omit and obfuscate.