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Spineless journalism and PPP


Just saw this clip dated from 4th April. This is the anniversary of Bhutto’s judicial murder by the Ziaist flunkies in the Supreme Court.

In this clip, the only person with any integrity or fair play was the veteran editor M Ziauddin. The other two hosts were competing in their hatred for PPP and Bilawal – on the anniversary of the party’s founding leader and Bilawal’s grand father, ZAB.

Nothing much was expected from Mohammad Malik except rehashing some tired tropes. More was expected from Wusatullah Khan. And from the host Asma Shirazi.

Needless to say that Khan and Shirazi failed miserably. Wusatullah was playing on Nostalgia “this is not Bhutto’s party, his picture is not front and Center”

When PPP’s current leadership does play on nostalgia, they are admonished by the same Wusatullah types for being over reliant on “legacy politics”

Just a couple of weeks latter, the same Wusatullah had to accept reality and begrudgingly give credit to Bilawal and PPP for completely the vital Thar Coal power project – a multi layered project of coal extraction, power generation, job training, female labour empowerment, infrastructure development, water purification plants and universities.

Asma has proven to be spineless and she maintained that record. Thought to her credit she was relatively less self righteous than the Jamaat/commercial liberal types.

Ziauddin was the only one who corrected the record about Bilawal and lauded his articulate press conference to the world press. At the age of 18. Weeks after loosing his mother in one of the most devastating events in Pakistan’s history.

While it is fashionable amongst Pakistan’s Mummy Daddy chattering classes to mock, abuse, slander and misrepresent Bilawal (as they did to both his mother and grandfather Bhutto), let’s actually listen to what he saying.

Bilawal responded to the misogynist slur by Imran Khan by highlighting how it was women leaders in Pakistan who stood up to military dictators.

Not just Fatima Jinnah, but Begum Nusrat Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and for a brief while, even the late Kulsum Nawaz. So respect to Bilawal to pointing out the historical stand of Fatima Jinnah against Ayub.

Bilawal also talked in length about Imran Khan’s diplomatic gaffes on international forums and implored PTI ministers to protect their leaders from making more stupid statements.

Bilawal supported Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s speech on the human rights abuses in Balochistan as well as the precarious security situation. He also correctly pointed out how media coverage of Akhtar Mengal is blocked out.

The Benazir Income Support Fund is bitterly opposed not just by PTI but also by PML N and the overhyped GDA. Bilawal highlight how the BISP was intended to be expanded by PPP as part of Pakistan’s version of the “New Deal”. This is clearly unacceptable to Pakistan’s corrupt bureaucracy and money grabbing Seths who like to dole out token charity and burnish their “philanthropy” credentials.

In the end, Bilawal asked the PTI government how they felt about the cabinet reshuffle that was enforced on them by the Selectors (Pakistan’s security establishment that has propped up Imran Khan since the mid 1990s. They same establishment has also propped up Nawaz since the early 1980s; a few misunderstandings notwithstanding)

Bilawal concluded by asking if the Selectors liked the disastrous “Tabdeeli” change mantra of PTI – which took Pakistan’s faltering economy under PML N and then tanked it completely. To the extant that the Selectors has to replace the PTI Finance Minister with the PPP Finance Minister.