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How Sabeen Mahmud’s courageous legacy against Takfiri Fascism is being misused by the commercial liberal mafia


Today was the 4th Anniversary of Sabeen Mahmud’s murder. Or rather martyrdom.

Sabeen did not simply provide an actual safe space to artists, scientists, poets, academics and activists . She stood up for many of these causes. And paid the ultimate price.

On this day, Saad Aziz and his cell of Takfiri terrorists murdered her in cold blood.

The same terrorist group – affiliated with Sipah Sahaba and ISIS – had also conducted a massacre of nearly 50 Ismaili Shias in #SafooraGoth.

His gang was captured on CCTV footage in disposing off the evidence from that massacre.

In Herald’s “Anatomy of a Murder”, Saad Aziz’s chilling and collected testimony is for all to see. Rather than take back any statements, Saad calmly described, in complete details, how his terrorist cell tracked Sabeen’s movements and travel.

He described his grisly motives for murdering her which boiled down to Sabeen’s brave activism against the notorious, #ISIS affiliated Deoband Lal Masjid and for supporting other faith groups to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Saad and his group have made no secret that they consider the police and security apparatus to be targets for murder. This is in keeping with the murder of policeman nationwide by terrorist groups sharing the same Takfiri ideology as Saad.

Sections of Pakistan’s notorious liberal sellouts did their best to both hijack Sabeen’s murder while also deflecting attention away from terrorists like Saad.

Within hours of her death, this liberal mafia were blaming shadowy intelligence agencies and falsely ascribing Sabeen’s murder because of her support for the Baloch nationalist cause.

This assertion is not only a disservice to the Baloch cause. It also provides cover and dilutes opposition against Takfiri fascism in Pakistan.

Years later, these liberals are still indirectly supporting murderers like Saad Aziz by absolving him of Sabeen’s murder. Years later, these commercial liberals are still doing a disservice to the Baloch cause by adding an unrelated victim.

Unlike these liberal sellouts, Sabeen did not hide behind False neutral positions. She provided a fair space to diverse groups at T2F. She was one of the few who not only supported but also attended a rally against #ShiaGenocide during the Coffin protests that followed the Alamadar Road massacre in 2013.

In 2007, she hosted a young activist who described both euphoria and subsequent despair after Benazir Bhutto’s joyous rally was attacked by a suicide bomber. One prominent attendee (Ardeshar Cowasjee) used his celebrity status to disrupt the event (because of his hatred for Bhutto)

Sabeen sided with the young activist and let her finish her presentation. That is who Sabeen was. She was also a leading tech guru for budding coders and tech entrepreneurs.

The related murders of Sabeen Mahmud and Khurram Zaki and the Jamaat-e-Islami Takfiri Deobandi nexus