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The clear and Qualitative difference between PPP and PML N’s criticism of PM Imran Khan’s International Gaffes


PML N ‘s criticism of Imran Khan is typical of its right wing gutter past. #NawazSharif and #PMLN are known for being spineless right wingers and sleazy. They are in fact the former incarnation of #PTI; an older model that is currently kept in reserve by the security establishment.

Imran Khan has admitted that Pakistan’s territory is being used for terrorist attacks against other countries. He is correct even if his other DETAILED statement regarding Japan and Germany being geographical neighbors was beyond ludicrous.

And this is what #PPP’s #HinaRabbaniKhar was critical of. Her main point of contention was why Imran Khan and his ministers and supporters are so abusive of others like #Bilawal and #Benazir who had pointed this out much earlier, with far greater clarity and in more appropriate forums like Pakistan’s parliament.

In keeping with its typical third rate reporting, corporate shills like #DAWN praised Imran Khan for being “bold” but only reserved slander for Bilawal for being more clear on this crucial issue of Takfiri terrorism!

Hina Rabbani Khar pointed out the obvious contradictions in Imran Khan and PTI’s statements and actions. She was also indirectly referencing the sleazy tactics of PML N.

Bilawal even publicly reprimanded high ranking PPP leaders and representatives for meeting with these banned groups. It is not just right wing sleaze bags like PTI who attacked Bilawal for being clear and unequivocal against banned sectarian organizations. Pakistan’s liberals and corporate shills like #DAWN also routinely slander Bilawal’s principled stand against terrorists.

#Liberals, media and PTI make the stupid claim that Bilawal’s statements are based on an expedient policy to stop the Establishment’s witch hunt against the PPP.

If Bilawal wanted a reprieve, he would have done the opposite and kept quiet like the spineless Nawaz and Maryam.

He would not continue to attack the Establishment and its stooges for maintaining ties with banned sectarian organizations. Bilawal would not have criticized the appointment of #BrigIjazShah as the new Interior Minister of Pakistan – a move that contradicts Imran Khan’s statement in Tehran and the compromised sycophants of DAWN media group towards right wing stooges like Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif.

In Pakistan, commercial liberals and boutique leftists often find common grounds with Jamaat e Islami and its various subsidiaries like PML N, MQM and PTI. They pick on easy targets like PPP and the Bhutto and now Zardari family and repeat the same Establishment mantra of “corrupt” and “traitor” against these easy targets.

Have you seen any of these gutless and mendacious urban elites ever take on more difficult targets. That is when these spineless twits go off into euphemisms.

No one can ever accuse our drawing room liberals of taking a meaningful stand. Or being honest for that matter. That is what they are ready to vilify Bilawal but can never be honest about any major issue in Pakistan.