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Imran Khan should replace himself with PPP – Riaz Malik


After replacing Asad Umar with Hafeez Sheikh, Imran Khan should replace himself with Bilawal. His PTI government has already accepted (rather been made to accept by the selectors) that they have failed. Might as well go all the way.

Like other right wing politicians gestated in Aabpara, Imran Khan has typical anti-PPP prejudices. Like Nawaz Sharif, he has had to eat humble crow.

It took Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz some time but today, they also admit that they try to emulate Bhutto and Benazir. Imran Khan has gone one step further and formally acknowledged that PPP’s policies were better than PTI’s.

Why else would he replace his most important Finance Minister with the Finance Minister from the former PPP Government?

On the crucial task of managing the macro economy, the 2008-13 PPP was clearly the best 21st century Pakistani Government in terms of quantified performance. And this has now been acknowledged by its most trenchant critics, the PTI.

Exports, balance of payments, minimal trade deficits, support pricing and power prices were optimal during the 2008-13 PPP Government. That is no longer a dispute.

The Musharaf regime does not count as he was another American stooge dictator whose government was padded with bailouts and deferred loans. And those $20 billion given for a glorified WWF match with the Taliban kept an under performing economy afloat.

Neither the United States or Pakistan under Musharraf were actually serious about fighting Takfiri terrorism. The United States supported similar Takfiris in Libya and Syria from 2011-present.

The PPP was further saddled with a recalcitrant COAS who largely refused to take action against the TTP and its Takfiri affiliates. The PPP also had to contend with an intransigent and obstructionist Judiciary that was more concerned with samosa prices. The Judiciary, under the corrupt, pro- Taliban regime of Iftikhar Chaudhry unleashed Malik Ishaq to slaughter thousands of Pakistanis.

Imagine what PPP could have accomplished if they had the cooperation of the CJP and COAS; which PML N and PTI had/have and still managed to squander.