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Balochistan: Obscuring the identity of victims and perps leads to further catastrophe


14 passengers were offloaded from a bus travelling to Balochistan after being selected on the basis of their identity cards and then executed.

It is too early too tell exactly who the victims and perps are. However, based on decades of data, the victims could be:

1. Shia Muslims and the perps are Takfiri terrorist hate group ASWJ-LeJ aka Sipah Sahaba

2. Non-Baloch settlers in which case the perps are Baloch separatists.

There could be other permutations. We will have to see.

This is horrible. Sadly, it is not shocking. And culpability extends beyond the perpetrators of this horrific crime.

For decades, Pakistan’s chattering classes, including liberals, have deliberately confused, obfuscated and justified these horrible crimes.

For instance, even as the ISIS-affiliated Sipah Sahaba boasted about massacring Shia Muslims, Pakistani liberal opportunists like #JibranNasir would obfuscate these tragedies and misrepresent them by limiting it as an ethnic Hazara issue.

This was a deliberate tactic as it allowed Jibran and others to deflect attention away from the Sipah Sahaba perpetrators.

Baloch separatists and nationalists also exposed their nexus with ASWJ-LeJ when they allowed the notorious Ramzan Mengal to lead the funeral prayers for veteran Baloch leader, Nawab Khair Bux Marri.

One cannot play both sides of the “anti establishment” card and expect to be taken seriously.

That is why it is so important to have a coherent and nuanced narrative while challenging the contradictions in manufactured and outdated discourses.