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Bilawal is the first major political leader to visit Hazarganji in Quetta


So Bilawal is the first major political leader to visit Hazarganj. While one may disagree with PPP’s failure to control the banned organizations during its tenure, one also needs to appreciate Bilawal for lucidly speaking up against banned organizations. While PTIans try their best to bring in corruption to refute Bilawal’s claims, the fact remains that PTI’s ministers have maintained connections with banned organizations. And what more can be expected from a political party, whose head, wanted Taliban offices in KPK and has perpetually spoken in favor of Taliban. So to all my liberal friends, its time we set aside political differences and appreciate anyone who speaks upholds the National action plan. Via Abdus Salam
Based on current ground realities in 2019, Abdus Salam is spot on. This status will make many folks uncomfortable but please have the tolerance to step out of your comfort zone and listen to others.

The decline in WSD Takfiri terrorism in Pakistan was not dependent on political forces to begin with. It started gradually after General Kiyani was replaced by General Raheel and the Pakistani State began to reorient it’s security policies. There is still a long way to go.

PML N was clearly the worst offender in terms of supporting Takfiri forces. They are followed by MQM, PTI and PPP.

PTI leader Imran Khan competed with Nawaz Sharif on being an apologist for the Taliban to the extent that the Taliban endorsed and supported them both during 2013 and 2014. The Taliban publicly opposed PPP and ANP.

PPP leaders met with Sipah Sahaba but at least the party’s supporters took notice and protested. Since 2015, the leadership under Bilawal took notice and since then, the PPP’s record has improved. The same cannot be said for PML N or PTI whose supporters tend to be intolerant towards constructive criticism.

During the recent debate, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has clearly taken the lead. That is not debatable. Meanwhile, Nawaz and Maryam Nawaz (the favorite props for Pakistani liberals) have remained deafeningly silent on this issue. Maryam Nawaz has publicly supported and liked both Sipah Sahaba and Khadim Rizvi on Twitter.

In the past, the PPP has much to answer for. However, they are also the most maligned. One trope against them is the regularisation of Takfiri madrasahs in Sindh. However, a closer analysis reveals that this support to Takfiri madrasahs started under the Musharraf regime which was supported by MQM.

Too often, the criticism against PPP is both disproportional and dishonest and absolves other perpetrators. With Bilawal taking the lead (he is still barely 30 and barely 5 years removed from his studies), it is harder to malign PPP on this issue while hiding the harmful role played by others.

Instead of supporting Bilawal’s courageous stand against banned Takfiri outfits, both PTI and Pakistani liberals slander his stand as an “opportunistic ploy to divert from corruption charges against Zardari”

If Bilawal wanted relief (from selective political witch hunts against the PPP), he would have kept quite and sucked up to Imran Khan – like the Sharifs. He would not have taken on the only issue which brought even more heat against the PPP.

Common sense has never been the strong suit of the Bhutto-hating urban chattering classes.