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Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is correct about PTI’s Double Games with Takfiri terrorists


Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has called out the PTI Federal Government for the latter’s senior minister’s hobnobbing with Takfiri terrorists and hate mongers. Bilawal is correct.

In the image, PTI’s Interior Minister is hobnobbing with banned sectarian terrorists. The person circled behind him is Ahmed Ludhianvi – leader of ISIS-affiliated terrorist group, ASWJ-LeJ (aka Sipah Sahaba)

Whenever such instances are brought to the attention of PTI supporters, they start abusing the messenger. Bilawal raised this issue in the Parliament. PTI leaders and supporters went ballistic and started abusing Bilawal instead of asking hard questions about their leaders.

This is the urban, upper middle class generation which has grown up hating PPP while absolving genocidal military dictators.

For generations of Pakistanis indoctrinated by Jamaat e Islami and it’s various political and ideological affiliates, there are no other villains besides the Bhutto family and the PPP. Of course, if someone leaves PPP, they become angelic again.

For decades, these brainwashed Pakistanis have been defecting Blame. It has now reached a point where this brainwashed lobby is now sitting in the same camp as killers and their apologists.