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“Hazaras are killed because they are Shia. We know because their killers say so.” – DAWN editorial, by Asad Rahim Khan,

How would Christian’s and Ahmadis feel if their killing was reported as:

“Five Punjabis were killed in a firecracker explosion in Sargodha”

How would Hindus feel if forced conversion was reported as:

“2 kidnapped Sindhi females resurface in the Punjab; the Courts don’t find any foul play”

How would Sunnis feel if the massacre at Jhal Magsi Sufi shrine were reported as:

“52 Baloch die in blast”

Anyone with a conscience would feel disgusted with this style of reporting.

Where both the identities of the victims and perpetrators are obscured.

Where one is left wondering what the motive was, or if any crime took place at all.

Moreover, we would never know that Takfiri terrorist and hate groups like Sipah Sahaba were at the center of these crimes against humanity.

This is how Pakistan’s Shias feel when their deliberate targeting and murder based on their faith identity, is deliberately obscured in ethnic terms.

Hazras are being killed because they are Shia. Just as Seriakis in DI Khan. Just as Pashtuns in Parachinar and Peshawar. Just as Urdu speakers and Sindhis in Sindh. Just as Punjabi’s and Seriakis in Punjab.

Liberals in Pakistan are leading this dishonesty. For over a decade, these liberals have deliberately mislead us on Shia Genocide. Their sun rises with kissing the feet of the Sharif family, abusing Bhutto, praying for the Balkanisation of Pakistan and worshipping the Centrist Narrative manufactured in DC.

Currently, these liberals are leading the obfuscation on Shia Genocide in Pakistan.