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How liberal “activists” absolve Takfiri Terrorists


How would you react if the Christchurch Mosque massacre was obfuscated. If a New Zealand Muslim told the media that this attack had nothing to do with White Nationalism and Anti-Muslim bigotry.

What if they told you “Humans were killed. We should not get into the details or the motives. We should NOT connect any dots that are obvious but instead continue to obfuscate; and in the process, polish my own personal brand”

This is exactly what #JalilaHyder has done with regards to a bomb attack that once again targeted Shia Hazara’s. She and her partners from the HDP have done this in the past as well where they have obfuscated the Genocide of Shia Hazara’s as some vague ethnic and tribal matter.

This obfuscation serves multiple agendas. This type of misdirection by Jalila absolves the State of their responsibility to protect its citizens as well as hides the identity of the Takfiri Deobandi terrorists who routinely and brazenly perpetrate such atrocities.

People should be talking about ASWJ-LeJ Baluchistan Chief Ramzan Mengal who was released just a couple of days ago by the PTI Government. This terrorist and hate monger is part of the nexus of terrorism in Balochistan and brazenly and public espouses hatred against the Shia Muslims in the province.

Baloch, Pashtun, Kandhari, Gilgiti, Urdu speaking, Punjabi and Baltit Shia Muslims have also all been targeted in Balochistan. But HDP and its agents limit this issue as a simple Hazara issue.

The same Takfiri terrorist group ASWJ-LeJ has also slaughtered lawyers and police cadets in Quetta. They need to be named and highlighted.

ASWJ along with other interconnect Deobandi terrorist groups are responsible for terrorism against various different faith groups including Sunnis, Sufis, Shias, Hindus, Christians, Ahmadis and Sikhs.

When one deliberately obfuscates on this issue, then one is deflecting responsibility away from ASWJ-LeJ aka Sipah Sahaba.

This is #IdentityPolitics at its worst and is supported and endorsed by Pakistan’s liberals and boutique leftists.