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Shia Identity deepens more the tragedy – Aamir Hussaini


” Yesterday, on 12th April, 2019, it was 300th times faith based attack on Shia Hazara community and still we are in denial state and avoid to call it genocide.”

” 26000 thousands human being have been lost their lives due to their Shia identity in Pakistan till 2018. Numbers are growing and dilemma is that obfuscation is also on rise.’

When Molvi Sameeulhaq was murdered in mysterious way( and still his murder is a mystery and we couldn’t understand why his sons and followers are silent over unresolved case of his murder) then all mainstream electronic media gave this tragedy a proper coverage and his funeral ceremony became big event because in larger numbers of state officials not only from #KPK administration but from federal also. A number of military and intelligence officers were also present. Many renowned journalists were there and we had seen Hamid Mir Sahib making a fiery speech at his funeral ceremony.

Recently Deobandi Sunni Mufti Azam Pakistan Taqi Usmani came under attack then mainstream media gave that incident a maximum coverage, anchors and hosts of talk shows and news and analysis programmes choose that news as hotcake.

Interviews were made with Mufti Sahib. Next day all newspapers published the news on front page and minimum headline was three columns.

Basically I have no objection on size of coverage of both events mentioned above. But my objection is way and method of selection for maximum coverage of any event or incident happened in the country by mainstream media.

Today very low coverage was given to #Bomb #Blast in #hazarganji market in #Quetta #Baluchistan by mainstream media and this incident and protest started after that were not come under discussion with insightful analysis in talk shows.

We will not see live coverage of the funerals ceremony and there will not be #CM #Baluchistan #IG_Police #IG_FC head of Southern Command, #PM , Federal Interior Minister.

I can bet that we shall not see any big gun from TV Anchors’ army making emotional speech and neither we will find three column or top headline on front page about this incident. Why?

Mostly debate on social media is whether we should have used or not used word #Shia while mentioning the causalities in the said blast.

On social media few social websites consciously avoided to call it #Sectarian incident like #LUBP #EasternTimes #ShiaPages and dozens of accounts on Twitter and Facebook but heavy majority using social media used #Sectarianism #Sectarian_act like Nayadaur website although it used #Shia_Hazara term.

Trend not to mention the religious or sect identity of deceased persons in #Quetta blast is on rise and this is totally against the dominating trend what we had seen when two mosques in New Zealand came under violent attack. At that time not only severe stress was on revealing the Muslim identity of victims of those attacks but on revealing the identity of the perpetrator.

Why such two different tendencies we face on two incidents having same nature.

My question is very simple . Why every time only Shia identity faces obfuscation when Shias become target of faith based violence and terrorism? We never see such controversy creating or emerging in the case of violence and terror against #Christians #Hindus #Sikhs #Ahmedis. Very clear cut their faith identity we find mentioned in the report or post and no question is raised at that time. Why?

So I can easily point out that responses and reactions of governments and top state officials over slow Shia genocide campaign are biased and questionable.

Mainstream media’s discourse on #shia_genocide and their marginalization is either obfuscating or justification_Seeker or inclined to denial level and in some cases this is very clear that it is biased.

My view is that elements involved in slow genocide campaign of Shia community or facilitators and providers of assistance to pave the way for such genocide are more than proxy but one thing is very clear that they are hiding in the ranks of those outfits whom we some times call #Assests for those who made Jihadi plus sectarian organizations. And civilian elected governments in past were not allowed to uproot them and present is only complying the orders of owners of these assets.

So no surprise if Ramzan Mengal, Auranzeb Farooqi, Ludhiyanvi type takfiri get clean chit from current government and they were allowed to roam freely and sowing the hate_seed against #Shias.

Either it is #Hazara of #Quetta or #Saraiki of Dera Ismail Khan they are encircled, under siege and are not free to roam. And this is due to their #ShiaIdentity. If you are #Shia in both places then you should prepare yourself to withdrawal of your basic human right to live and ready to transform into a dead body from a living human being.
All those who are living under fear of targeting to kill due to their Shia identity face false binaries and force to quit the usage of term ‘Shia genocide because commercial liberals who have well access to mainstream International liberal press says that Shia genocide is just a gossip having no roots