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Selected PTI Government unable to handle Pakistan’s Economic Crisis and limited to smearing PPP – Riaz Malik


Selected PTI Government unable to handle Pakistan’s Economic Crisis and limited to smearing PPP opposition

Khurram Hussain’s “False Start, Faltering Economy” (DAWN, March 28th, 19) debunks the False economic recovery claims made by PTI “Finance Minister” Asad Umar.

Meanwhile, experts have also highlighted the False claims made by PM Select Imran Khan regarding record oil and gas reserves off the coast of Sindh.

We are now entering the stage where the gas bag claims made by successive right wing governments, the PML N and PTI, are coming to naught.

For 6 years now, we have seen Pakistan’s exports tank and billions spent on unwieldy (but Commission rich) projects like the Lahore and Peshawar metro.

We have seen the disastrous negotiations with the Chinese which resulted in a loss of leverage and $65 bn in loans.

In the last 50 years, PPP is the only party that has focused and delivered on power generation and supporting Pakistan’s agricultural base. These are two key inputs that support Pakistan’s industry which now lies in ruin after PML N ‘s focus on non-essential imports (fancy cars etc) and PTI sheer incompetence.

Previously, it used to be PML N/IJI that was obsessed with political vendetta against the PPP. Add PTI to that list.

The result of these useless and counterproductive vendettas is that Pakistan’s economy is tanking. PTI’s crusade against vendors and the working class has tanked essential consumption and investment patterns even further.

Khurram Hussain is a typical member of Pakistan’s urban chattering class which is why his analysis does not go far enough. This class shoulder’s an anti-PPP pathology that blinds and leads to debilitating derangement.

That is why their weak analysis against right wing governments like PML N and now PTI do not go far enough in ever coming up with any real solutions. Or for that matter, in even correctly identifying the problem.