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It is Both tragic and comical to see PTI supporters loosing their minds at the PPP rally – Riaz Malik


It is Both tragic and comical to see PTI supporters loosing their minds at the PPP rally.

If PPP is a dead party, why are you so insecure about the rousing support for their current march?

If you think that you have them on corruption charges, then relax and let them have their outing.

Your insecurity speaks volumes; not just about your political immaturity but also the flimsy and politically motivated charges against the leadership that you borrowed from the PML N created dossier of 2015.

In reality, PTI has failed Pakistan on the crucial issues of the economy, essential services and security. PTI’s Takfiri wing still wants warm relations with Jihadi terrorists and they would rather destroy Pakistan and its institutions than support Bilawal’s reasonable discourse of taking legal action against terrorist organisations.

So the insecure PTI position is that Bilawal’s Train March is a “blackmailing” tactic to get an “NRO” for “Daddy’s corruption”. At the same time, PTI does not consider PPP a political force.

Dear PTIians, please make up your mind.

If the PPP is dead politically, they no longer have the political force to influence the politically motivated accountability against their leadership.

The real insecurity for PTI supporters is that their senior leadership wants an NRO for Jihadi terrorists. There is also a Freudian element. Imran Khan’s father was fired for being a corrupt bureaucrat. Imran Khan could never clear his name so he and his blind followers might simply be projecting their neurosis onto Bilawal’s train march – which is not even about saving their leadership.

Imran Khan should now focus on saving his real Daddies; those who brought him to power. They tasked him with fixing the economy which was wreaked by their former prodigal son, Nawaz Sharif. NS might still come back. And that is when Imran Khan will once again become a political orphan.

Immi, please focus on the job.

Shia Partisans of PTI should reconsider their abusive tactics against Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

The recent wave of Shia killings in Pakistan highlight the problem of PTI’s support for banned sectarian terrorist groups.

Bilawal has been speaking consistently against banned, sectarian organisations since his entry into electoral politics.

In 2018, while PTI and PML N were welcoming alliances with banned organisations (PTI had the highest number of such alliances), PPP leadership not only took notice but ensured that its ticket holders like Shahzad Memon answered these notices and complied with the party discipline of eschewing banned, sectarian Jihadi groups.

Any PPP activists, Jiyalas or ticket holders like Farhan Dhup (DI Khan) immediately responded to party concerns and renounced any previous ties with banned organisations.

Meanwhile PTI flaunts it’s senior minister’s love for banned Jihadi groups. Asad Umar, Shaheryar Afridi and Sheikh Rashid are all unrepentant and unapologetic supporters of banned organisations. Similarly, PTI’s shameless alliances with Mian Mithoo since 2015 are a matter of record.

For his role in #ForcedConversions Mian Mithoo was kicked out of the PPP in 2015. He was immediately invited by the PTI. Now there is another wave of forced conversions of minor Hindu girls and some are alleged to have been taken to Punjab which is under PTI jurisdiction.

Whenever this is pointed out to PTI supporters, their pathetic responses range from abuse and slander against Bilawal – who unlike their leader Imran Khan actually has the guts to stand against terrorists.

Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif have always been spineless, apologists for Takfiri terror. Benazir Bhutto on the other hand, was a vocal critic of these terrorist groups. She eventually lost her life for her stand against these groups in 2007. Weeks before her tragic martyrdom, Taliban apologists like Imran Khan, actually blamed her instead of his Taliban buddies, for the series of bomb blasts targeting PPP.

Sadly, it is now clear that Shia supporters of PTI are as brainwashed and abusive as their party leadership. They would rather tolerate PTI’s support to terrorist groups than call out their party leadership – even as Shia Muslims are once again being targeted all across Pakistan.

Pakistan’s liberals and opportunists like #JibranNasir follow similar tactics. They accuse Bilawal with weak responses of #WhatAboutism because they themselves have such a compromised and dishonest stand against Takfiri terrorism.

Stop making excuses and stand against these groups. Your petty and dishonest partisan hackery is once again costing the lives of Pakistani Shias and destroying minority families and communities.