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Another young Shia Muslim man, Wajahat Hussain shot dead by Takfiri deobandi terrorists of Sipah e Sahaba in Karachi



A young Shia Muslim man, who was attending a family wedding in Karachi, was shot dead in an apparent target killing that matches the modus operandi of Sipah Sahaba. Sipah Sahaba aka ASWJ-LeJ is a Takfiri Deobandi terrorist and hate group and #ISIS affiliate in Pakistan. There are reports that Wajahat Hussain (the victim) also used to take care of a horse used for the Zuljannah ceremony.

Zuljannah was the name of the steed that was gifted by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to his grandson, Imam Hussain and is an essential part of the Karbala narrative. Sufi Sunni and Shia Muslim communities all over the world tend to horses that are pampered throughout the year and only taken out during Muharram. They represent the powerful and poignant symbol of the lone horse returning to the camp of the Holy Prophet’s family after a Muslim army on the order of Caliph Yazeed murdered Imam Hussain and his family and band of loyal companions. These companions also included Hindus and Christians.

Some years back, an American-Pakistani professor had written a vicious sectarian polemic slandering the Zuljannah symbol and rituals. This was briefly published in the Express Tribune, Pakistan’s leading English daily and a subsidiary of the International Herald Tribune.

Wajahat Hussain’s tragic murder in the prime of his life brought back memories of that nasty blog and how it was shared and supported by Pakistan’s liberals.

While New Zealand lends full support to the Muslim victims of the Christchurch massacre, Pakistan’s liberals and Mummy Daddy urban bourgeoisie do the opposite. Here, we have sectarian bigots like Jibran Nasir who misuses his perch to mock and slander the victims of #ISIS . We have sectarian professors who regurgitate modern sectarian polemics.

Meanwhile, another carer of a Zuljannah was shot dead on the streets of Pakistan.

This young man, murdered by WSD revivalist fundamentalist terrorists, in Karachi. It’s a systematic, near constant attack on those of his community by the same variety of terrorists that Afghanistan has fought to be free of for decaded – and that we now propose to abandon it to.

There are two points to my repost.

First – these terrorists, though Islamists, are a breed apart, and do not represent Islam or Muslims. We have a deep moral obligation to understand the difference and make the distinction, and we, our politicians, our media are failing in that obligation. Perhaps reading this will help make the point.

Second, we are, in the case of Pakistan, in danger of being divided from their English speaking elites and media by a common language.

The typical Pakistani ‘liberal’ or what seems to pass as such there, and is referred to as such in this post is not a ‘liberal’ of any kind recognizable in any other context I know. (Except, perhaps one in which the “New Athiests” might be considered ‘liberal’ by thoughtless and careless observers.)

In their opinion and behavior this peculiar breed of Pakistani ‘liberals’ are in fact sectarian bigots. They spout sectarian bigotry in the English speaking press of Pakistan, constantly. And, by this testimony, they carry that habit with them when they become professors in US universities.

For an honest liberal of the type raised by my parents and grandparents the consequences are nauseating. I am forced to witness people who are utterly unworthy of it being called by the proud name liberal