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The Poser method of opposing Pakistan’s domestic establishment




There is the Poser method of opposing Pakistan’s domestic establishment. This dishonest method involves euphemisms, elevating stooges like Nawaz Sharif, supporting corrupt judges and Jihadis like Asma Jehangir did, and holding candles at some press club – faces aglow with self righteous indignation.

The Posers are themselves tools to be used by transnational establishments in Riyadh, DC and Delhi to Balkanise and damage Pakistan. The Posers want to destroy the State with their decontextualised and dishonest attacks on Institutions. The Posers themselves served as stooges for the domestic establishment and Have yet to acknowledge how they danced in the laps of corrupt judges backed by General Kiani. Or how they selectively campaigned for the human rights of unrepentant and mass murdering sectarian terrorists.

And then, there is the other, much more harder way . This way involves sacrifice. It recovers being dragged to the gallows and being clubbed on the head. It requires being abused in crowded stadiums and the drawing rooms of the elite and powerful. It requires facing up to and being consumed in the fire of suicide attacks by WSD terrorists. It requires talking about peace but with honour. This way requires a cost, a Sacrifice.

The second way is alien to the Mummy-Daddy crowd and the corrupt Commercial Liberal Mafia that tries to peddle Posers as Icons.