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Rashida Talib! You disappointed us – Aamir Hussaini

Rashida Talib (American Representative for Michigan Muslim-Palestinian woman) really disappointed us when she tweeted revealing half-truth and obfuscated more about Syrian Uprisinf 2011.

On March 19,2011, In Syria we had seen uprising a movement for more representative democracy and against injustices that was failed due to intervention of imported Salafi Wahhabi and Deobandi Jihadist and Takfiris supported by US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Ikhawanul Muslimoon-MB and others. That Uprising is called ‘Syrian Spring’ and that spring was transformed into ‘Syrian Autumn’ and became a nightmare for Syrian people including ‘Kurds’, Sufi Sunnis, Shia (Alawites, Druzes, Twelvers), Christians, Yazidis, Socialists, Communists.
Wikileaks including Saudileaks have been exposed to the ‘Regime Change in Syria’ project made and supported by the US and its allies.

Such undeniable evidence are there which reveal that it was CIA and intelligence agencies of countries from the Middle East which ran a demonizing campaign against all religious and ethnic communities living in Syria and thus managed a sectarian civil war in Syria.

I am following Rashida Talib’s twitter account and watching her activities and reading her statements and never found even a single thing condemning Takfiri_Jihadist organizations involved in the genocide of Sufi_Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Jews, Amedis and others. She never condemned openly US military interventions in other countries in the name of ‘Regimes change’. I never saw her condemning Saudi’s role in expanding sectarianism, hatred, fanatical radicalization.

Here I am forced to quote Riaz Malik’s response on her tweet:

“Yes Rashida, I hope we see Syria saved from the claws of US intervention and the Salafi Wahhabi terrorist proxies imported for the “Revolution”

For those who don’t know, the leading slogan of this sectarian “uprising” was “Christians to Beruit, Alawites to the Grave”.
The left/Communist parties who initially supported this quickly realized they were being used by Ikhwan and that disingenuous “Arab Spring”.

This is the Arab spring that inspired the Mummy Daddy brigade in Pakistan and leads to the selection of the PTI government. It replaced Mubarak with Sisi, Qaddafi with Slave traders while crushing the actual pro-Democracy movements in Bahrain and Yemen.

The Tokens and cosmetics of Tunis aside, this was a sectarian Ikhwani operation funded by the State Department and backed by NATO air power before it was finally thwarted and exposed in Syria – who was supported by Russia.

We in Pakistan are acutely aware of the disaster of jumping in bed with the US and moving away from Non-Alignment. Bhutto was the only leader who tried to move Pakistan away from this disastrous dependence on Riyadh and DC and we all know his fate.

This should also be an eye-opener for our Inquilabi and Islahi brigades and their more-loyal-than-the-king support for the Palestinian cause. Iran and Syria were/are(?) the biggest supporters of the Palestinians while Palestinian advocates like #RulaJibraeel and Rashida are the most sectarian backstabbers of Syria.”