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“Ordinary White Man”? – by Vladimir Golstein


Something does not really click with this Australian who destroyed so many lives in a foreign country.

Is he a nut job? Possible, but how did he make it so far? From what we are allowed to learn, he barely finished his high school and then worked as a gym instructor.

But then he somehow came into money that enabled him to travel incessantly. What money? One newspaper claims inheritance, another — that he made them through BitConnect, the version of Bitcoin. Do all nut jobs get that lucky with BitConnect? And what inheritance. His father — sweet looking man for sure– died young from cancer. Did he have an insurance? But in this case, isn’t the wife, that is the mother of the murderer, who should be a beneficiary and not him?

And look at the places he traveled? Not that ordinary for an ordinary white man. China, Japan, India, North Korea, Turkey, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Iceland, Argentina. And that’s all in addition to western Europe.

How can an uneducated man travel with such an abandon. What drove him? How much money did he inherit? Or managed to make? Something about that is very peculiar. Did Dylann Roof travel? Did this fool in Pittsburgh who killed people in synagogue travel?

Do you really travel to all the exotic places and see all the exotic people only to start hating them. Some sort of masochism? Of course, if it is a case of mental disease, one can start unraveling at any moment, but how come nobody noticed it? Here is a guy who travels and meets a lot of people in the craziest parts of the world. Do they all speak English? How did he communicate?

And where did he learn his gun skills? And where did he get the guns? Is that so easier for a foreigner to get semi-automatic weapons in New Zealand?

So how does it work? Australian authorities are either competent or incompetent.

If they are competent enough to know all about Russian crimes in Ukraine, and Russian downing of the plane MH 17, and Assange, and China, and North Korea, then they have to be competent enough to know about some crazy nationalist who buys guns, travels to hundred of dubious countries, has no visible income, and practically lives on the net. So this murderer’s activity had to be known.

Or they are incompetent, but then, at least have decency to be honest and admit that you just don’t know. Don’t know about Russia, don’t know about Assange, don’t know about Brenton Trenton, or whatever name he might come up with.

But playing a double game of now knowing and informed and confident and objective, and now helpless and incompetent — is something that only teenagers do. But as teenagers, they are not trusted with governing the world, do they?

With a dose of paranoia one can imagine that someone had hired him to do that. But even without paranoia it is very easy to assume that a number of people knew about this crazy dude and did nothing, except facilitating his descend into madness. Cui bono?