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Why Hamid Mir and Saleem Safi defended extraordinarily Asad Umar and rejected allegation made by Bilawal Bhutto? – by Aamir Hussaini


Today in program ‘ Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Ke Sath’ when Khanzada asked Hamid Mir to give his response on Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s statement against three federal Ministers of PTI over their support for banned outfits then Hamid Mir’s reply was tactical and he said, ‘ Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has correctly pointed out Shehyar Afridi and Muhammad Ali’s alleged support for banned outfit Jud but he is wrong about Asad Umar.( Although BBZ had not revealed the name of three federal ministers of PTI).

In an other talks how hosted by Munib Farooq on Geo News TV, when same question was put forwarded by Munib Farooq in front of Saleem Safi, he also defended Asad Umar and he also partly supported the statement of #BBZ.

Why Hamid Mir and Saleem Safi defended extraordinarily Asad Umar and rejected allegation made by #BBZ ?

Who was that chief of a banned outfit which had joined PTI in a meeting where Asad Umar was present? What is the name the said banned outfit?

Why Hamid Mir and Saleem Safi not only avoided to reveal the name of organization and its chief but tried to obfuscate the real role of that organization in promoting faith based militancy not only in Afghanistan Kashmir but here in Pakistan on large scale.

It was Commander Fazalur Rahman Khalil, founding chief of banned outfit Harkatul_Mujahideen founded in 1990 after ban on Harkatul_Ansar. Masood_Azhar and QariSaifullahAkhtar were also founding member of this organization.

It was Harkatul which had kidnapped an Indian Airline and landed that on Kandahar Airport and forced India to release Masood Azhar and others. After that Harktul Mujahideen was put on UN global Terrorist Watch list and declared global terrorist network.

Then in 2000, JeM was founded and Press was informed through a press conference held in Jamia Banoria, a Deobandi seminary in Karachi by Mufti Nizam_uddin Shamzai.

A common thing among Fazalurahman Khalil, Qari Saifullah Akhtar and Masood Azhar was their membership of SSP founded by Haqnawaz Jhangvi and this troika has recruited many foot soldiers from the ranks of banned outfit ASWJ and this troika made cordial relations with Osama bin Ladin and Taliban leadership and this troika radicalized many young Deobandi Sunni Hanafi in the country.

Hamid Mir and Saleem Safi are included in those commercial journalists those are apologists for Deobandi militant organizations like ASWJ TTP RedMosqueBirgade so it is not surprising that Hamid Mir and Saleem Safi type apologists for Deobandi militancy tried to obfuscate the identify of Deobandi faith based violent organization HM.