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Bilawal’s visit to Nawaz Sharif a good political move on different levels

A couple of days back, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari visited Nawaz Sharif in jail. This was a smart move. It showed that BBZ is above the politics of vendetta and revenge that has characterised much of the politics on the right (PML N, PTI) and the Boutique left. It also signalled to the establishment that the PPP has options and will not continue to support the present set up if pushed to the wall.

It also highlighted the problems facing Pakistan. While the Domestic Establishment has evolved to gradually move away from Takfiri groups as proxies, this move needs to be accelerated – especially in light of FATF!

It also highlighted that Imran Khan and the PTI are not the ideal set up to navigate Pakistan through the current crisis. Vengeful, petty, clueless and incompetent is not the best combination. No where is this pathetic combination exemplified greater than within Asad Umar – a person who failed in running a local corporate now tasked with managing Pakistan’s economy.

Unlike PML N and MQM that relied upon military dictators like General Zia and Musharaf, PPP has a more organic background. It is not without its problems and weaknesses. However, it clearly offers Pakistan a more pragmatic way out of the impending crisis with FATF which Taliban apologists like Imran Khan cannot.