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Doctor Saqib Bangash, a brilliant and shinning young man was target killed because of his Shia identity.


Doctor Saqib Bangash, a brilliant and shinning young man was targeted to kill in Chandani Chowk of Rawalpindi and deprived of his right to live because of his Shia identity.

‘Either you live in a ‘Safe city’ like Islamabad or in remote area of DIKhan of KPK if you have #Shia identity then you can be next target of those terrorists who are running slow genocidal campaign of a community due to its Shia faith identity, even if you have names like Hussain, Ali, Jaffar, Muntazir, then your life is in danger either you are Shia or not’, says Gul Zehra Rizvi a Shia human rights activist from Islamabad.

I have compiled a book titled with ‘ Shia-Genocide in Pakistan: Myth or Reality’. That book will be available in market next month. Data which I have collected shows that 26,000 Shia including 800 doctors and hundreds of others from professional layers have been targeted to kill from 1980 to 2018. These numbers are enough to shake anybody who have heart in his chest.

Dera Ismail Khan a remote district of southern KPK being ruled by now PTI has become slaughterhouse for those who have Shia identity majority of them are Saraiki speaking. Yesterday on March 12, 2019 four real brothers came under fire when they were sitting in their Hujra of the house in #DIKhan and two of them were killed a d rest two are seriously injured and they were also targeted due to their Shia identify. More than one thousands Shia people including some women also have been targeted to kill just only in DIKhan.

Many Shia families in that poor city have no Male in their home, just women and children are there.

There is no uproar neither on National level nor on international level.

Even not a single national level human rights organizations compiled the study and fact finding in Dera Ismail Khan as they not only sent fact finding commissions in Quetta to study collect data about Shia Hazara killing and published their reports and distributed them on large scale. We have seen some documentary films on Hazara( Shia genocide) but there is nothing such documentary or fact-finding reports on Shia Saraiki Genocide in #DIKhan of #KPK . There is prevailing justifying or obfuscating or inclining to false binary attitude toward question of Shia genocide in Pakistan among civil society and mainstream media.