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Pakistani Foreign Minister’s refusal to attend FMs meeting at the OIC another indication of his unreliability

Shah Mehmood Qureshi is not a team player. He ditched the PPP during a crisis and spent the next few years as a bitter and jilted opponent of his former party.

His boastful claims after joining the PTI have proven to be naught. His servility, while the Saudi FM spewed forth his genocidal agenda against Pakistan’s neighbours like Iran, is a true indication of SMQ’s neutered and ceremonial position.

The Saudis are more aligned with India – which is not necessarily a good thing for India either. After all, WSD (Wahhabi Salafi Deobandi) networks in India (more on that later) are funded and sponsored by the Saudis. The Saudis have invited and recieved the Indian FM as a valued guest at the OIC.

This is a slap in the face of Pakistan which felt that aligning with Saudi Arabia’s vicious sectarian geopolitics would pay dividends. It has clearly not.

Fallen characters like SMQ should realise that he is now reduced to a flunkey. He should accept that role with whatever dignity he has remaining.

His refusal to attend the OIC’s FM meeting hurts Pakistan’s geopolitical interests. We have to accept the fact that our crumbling economy will not gain us any respect. We have to accept that Takfiri Deobandi terrorist groups and its Saudi and American sponsors do not have Pakistan’s best interests at heart. Pakistan should stop being a Saudi-US pawn and not allow Deobandi terrorists to be used against Iran. Until this Takfiri Deobandi network exists in Pakistan, we will always suffer.