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Horrific News about the slaughter of an 7-year Saudi child. The child’s crime – he was a Shia


We have been reluctant to share this horrific report.

There are those in Pakistan, both Jamaatiyas and commercial liberals, who have shared Al Qaeda-sourced propaganda on #Syria. Their purpose for sharing such news is obvious. They are sectarian bigots and they are wedded to propaganda that meets the approval of Riyadh and Washington D.C.

Then there are the Shia Uncle Toms. We all know such characters who go out of their way to demean the victims from their own sect; even to the extant of denying their traditions in order to curry favour and gain approval.

As for this report, it is entirely plausible. We are talking about the same Saudi regime which recently dismembered their own former stooge/hack, #JamalKhashoggi (remember him?)

The Saudis know that they enjoy full immunity from the law and basic human rights – thanks to their Protectors like the United States and its European flunkeys like the UK, France, Germany etc..

Now you will see that the same folks who extorted and tried to shame you in believing the veracity of a 7-year old child based in Turkey, tweeting in support of World War 3, will raise doubts on this report from Saudi Arabia.