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US-Taliban Peace Talks in Qatar orphans Pakistan’s Commercial Liberal Mafia

Now that the United States is openly negotiating with the Taliban, why are the US toadies of Pakistani silent?

Where is the narrative of the Hussain Haqqani, Arif Jamal, Tarek Fatah and Najam Sethi types on this new development??

For years, these types preached to us the misinformation that Pakistan, more specifically the Pakistan Army, were the sole creators of WSD (Wahhabi Salafi Deobandi) Takfiri Fascism. All this while, they continued to give a free pass to the United States on the vital issue of creating the Frankenstein of WSD Terrorism!

From Mali to Libya, and from Syria to Iraq, the (joint) US-Saudi policy of fomenting sectarianism and facilitating WSD terrorists was largely independent of the Pakistan army.

Yet, whenever some of us tried to provide the complete picture regarding this Takfiri Frankenstein, the Arif Jamal and Hussain Haqqani types and their abusive trolls became active. Anyone who highlighted that the issue of Takfiri Fascism had an international network, were labelled “boot polishers” “Youthiyas” and attacked viciously in sectarian language.

Ironically, this commercial liberal mafia was also recently employed in rebranding a Taliban facilitating, (General) Ziaist remnant, Nawaz Sharif, as the “new liberal secular hope” for Pakistan!

The ongoing peace talks between the United States and the Taliban once again prove the international dimension of Takfiri fascism. This Fascism is the result of decades of Ikhwan/Jamaat e Islami religio-politics fusing and competing with Saudi-sponsored WSD Fascism.

While Pakistan’s domestic Establishment cannot be absolved of their role in misusing these dark forces for their foreign and local policy objectives, neither can the United States. The United States and their darling allies like Saudi Arabia have been front and center in creating and facilitating these dark forces. And now, these forces of Takfiri Fascism have exhausted their utility; at least in Afghanistan where the United States did their best to supplant the Taliban with ISIS.

After failing in this effort, the United States has been forced to negotiate with the Taliban. Meanwhile, Washington D.C. toadies like the Hussain Haqqani network have been left as orphans. Their lies have outrun their course and the situation has changed rapidly rendering their entire narrative as faulty.

Very simply,

1. The Pakistan Army has seen its own policy of supporting WSD Takfiri forces fail; especially in the light of the APS tragedy.
2. PTM has been provided a political space in Pakistan.
3. The United States has been challenged in Syria, Yemen and now even Venezuela.
4. Nawaz Sharif has proven to be a dud and the only opposition to Imran Khan’s PTI is coming from Bilawal and Zardari’s PPP.
5. The Army is already beginning to experience buyer’s remorse in their selection of the clueless Imran Khan and his immature PTI.

This essentially was the platform of the Commercial Liberal Mafia and his various networks (Hussain Haqqani, Najam Sethi, Imtiaz Alam, Arif Jamal etc). These sellouts are peddling lies that have outlived their utility. Just as the Pakistani local Establishment discarded some of them, the US Establishment is now close to discarding them as well.

The average Pakistani is quite sick of their fatuous and dishonest narratives. The masses have little to relate to their predictable and stale columns; as well as their crony panels in elitist literary festivals that cater to upper middle class and other wannabes and class jumpers.