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We never asked you to investigate the role of ISI and MI in Benazir Bhutto’s murder

Here is a latest example of the notorious Teen Jeem Alliance (the pro-military establishment alliance of Pakistan’s judiciary, army and media).

This news item was carefully censored or de-prioritized by most newspapers and TV channels in Pakistan.

According to daily The Nation:

An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in Rawalpindi, (ATC-III), sent the former police chief of Rawalpindi Syed Saud Aziz and former SP Rawal Town Khurram Shahzad to Adiala Jail on 14-day judicial remand after setting aside the Federal Investigation Agency’s request to extend their physical remand for nine more days in Benazir Bhutto’s murder case.
The court also issued show-cause notice to FIA Assistant Director Asghar Jatoi on account of writing a letter to Interior Ministry mentioning in it that the court ordered the agency to investigate ISI and MI officers in BB’s murder case. However, the FIA officer immediately tendered his apology with the court. The FIA had presented two former top cops before the court of Rana Nisar Ali Khan.

According to Sana News:

During the course of hearing ATC took strong notice of letter written by Assistant Director FIA Asghar Jatoi to the Interior Ministry in which Asghar Jatoi claimed that court has instructed FIA to investigate from intelligence agencies (ISI and MI). The court observed that why FIA used court name illegally whereas court never ordered to hold investigations from the officials of these agencies. Court said that this court has no jurisdiction to issue orders in this regard.

It may be recalled that only three days ago, on 27 Dec 2010, the following was reported in Pakistani and international media:

Pakistan may widen the scope of investigations into the killing of former premier Benazir Bhutto to probe the possible involvement of some intelligence officials in the plot.

The investigations into the assassination are likely to be expanded to unveil some faces who have so far been out of picture, the Dawn reported.

The paper said the move to widen the investigation is likley to be ordered as three years of probe have failed to unravel the conspiracy of who killed Bhutto.

“So far little conclusive evidence has emerged about who planned or perpetrated the assassination, or under whose ultimate authority the crime scene investigation was so mismanaged,” the paper said on the third anniversary of the gory killing of the charismatic leader.

The probability of probing intelligence officials, the paper said had been thrown up after the arrest of the two former police officers who have told investigators that some intelligence officials were in contact with them on the fateful day of December 27, 200

The Federal Investigation Agency obtained on Thursday six days’ physical custody of former chief of Rawalpindi city police Saud Aziz and SP Khurram Shahzad to recover the cellphones they were using on the day the former prime minister was assassinated in a gun-and-bomb attack outside Rawalpindi’s Liaquat Bagh

Special Public Prosecutor Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali told reporters after the court proceedings that arrested officers had informed the investigators that four officers of the Inter-Services Intelligence and Military Intelligence had been in contact with them.

But he said that their names could not be disclosed now because it was yet to be ascertained in what context they were in contact with the accused.

If concrete evidence was found against the intelligence officers they would be included in the investigation.

The FIA investigators said in the court that forensic tests of the cellphones were needed to ascertain who had been in contact with the two police officers on the day of Benazir’s assassination.

Advocate Zulfiqar said that phone data would help the investigators to know if other elements were also involved in the murder.

He said the police officers had given divergent statements about the cellphones and the numbers used by them three years ago. First they said they had lost the phones and later claimed that these had broken up.

The two police officers were brought to the court without handcuffs in a van with windows covered with newspapers.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had a few months ago formed a three-member committee, headed by Cabinet Secretary Chaudhry Abdul Rauf, which excluded from inquiry some top military officials who allegedly ordered the hosing down of the assassination site. The inquiry report, however, has not been made public.

The UN commission on Benazir’s assassination had accused MI’s former director general Maj-Gen Nadeem Ijaz and some top police officials of being behind the hosing down of the site.

The joint investigation team has prepared the 32-point questionnaire for the former president.

Interior ministry sources said the document contained questions relating to security lapse and asked the former president why he did not provide adequate security to Ms Bhutto although she had expressed fears about threats to her life. Gen (retd) Musharraf’s spokesman Fawad Chaudhry said the former president had nothing to do with the security of Bhutto. He termed the government’s move to send the questionnaire to Gen Musharraf an attempt to politicise the case and damage him politically.

Here is an Urdu version of the news report from daily Express which confirms how the court admonished the FIA for “misusing” court’s name by suggesting to interrogate the ISI and the MI in Benazir Bhutto’s murder case.

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  • you know what’s funny? All those critics of PPP who argue that PPP has not pursued BB’s murder investigation will now be completely silent for the next few months just as they were when the UN Report on BB’s murder was released.

  • @ Rabia


    For most of the “sympathizers” of BB and “the real, once upon a time good PPP”, it is an open and shut case. They will be happy only when the following are hanged for their involvement in BB’s murder: Asif Zardari, Babar Awan, Rehman Malik.

  • well, suddenly the political turmoil of the last two weeks has an explanation…


    ISLAMABAD: A fresh probe has uncovered the role of nine men, including an army brigadier, in the December 27, 2007 assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. The assassination plot was hatched in the official residence of the army brigadier mentioned in the investigation report.
    The findings of the probe, conducted under the interior ministry’s supervision, have deliberately been kept under wraps — even from the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party’s leading lights. The report is in the possession of Interior Minister Rehman Malik and has only been seen by President Asif Ali Zardari in its entirety.
    Earlier this week, President Zardari temporarily shelved plans to share the contents of the inquiry report. The president was keen to first take the army leadership into confidence before ordering the arrest of certain uniformed personnel over their alleged involvement in Benazir’s assassination.

  • What I want to know is the name of this fucktarded Brigadier. Is it Riaz Chibb or Ijaz Shah?

    If it’s either of these idiots, then it proves, Amir Mir may possibly be on to something. Of course, I would then like to know how many times has Amir Mir been harassed by the authorities.

  • Bhit Shah address: Altaf warns govt against sending ISI chief to US court December 26, 2010 http://tribune.com.pk/story/94735/altaf-asks-supporters-if-mqm-should-quit-coalition/

    MQM HATES ISI http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:76sYEwgh0i8J:www.mqm.org/English-News/Feb-2002/letter_kofiannan_260202.htm+MQM+Convenor+Dr+Imran+Farooq%27s+letter+to+UN+Secretary+General+Mr+Kofi+Annan&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=pk&client=firefox-a

    26 February 2002

    Mr Kofi Annan
    Secretary General
    The United Nations
    U N Plaza, New York 10017

    Dear Secretary-General


    I hope that you are in good health and spirit. I know that you are one of the busiest person in the world and, therefore, I will try and keep this letter short, as much as possible which is about the subject mentioned above.

    After the horrific terrorist acts against the United States of America on 11th September 2001, the United Nations, United States of America and the entire sovereign nations, peace loving political leaders including Mr Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), the third largest political party in Pakistan and the second largest in the province of Sindh, strongly condemned the cowardly acts of terrorism in the United States of America. MQM held the biggest rally on 26th. September 2001 in Karachi (port city of Pakistan) to demonstrate its solidarity that it stands shoulder to shoulder with the international community against all sorts of terrorists’ acts and terrorism throughout the world. MQM also offered its unconditional support to the international community against all sorts of terrorism.

    As you would know that one of the journalists of the Wall Street Journal, Mr Daniel Pearl was kidnapped on 23rd January 2002 in Karachi. The kidnappers put certain demands for the release of Mr Daniel Pearl. The present Military Government of Pakistan and its high officials were assuring the entire world that the Authorities and police will recover Mr Daniel Pearl alive within two or three days but failed.

    Pakistan’s interior minister on Friday predicted a “major breakthrough” and more arrests within 48 hours in the search for Daniel Pearl. The official rejected a claim from Pearl’s self-confessed kidnapper that the Wall Street Journal reporter is dead.
    Los Angeles Times, Breakthrough Expected in Kidnap Case, Pakistan Says, February 16, 2002

    No one has explained why Sheikh Omar was held in ISI custody for a week before civilian authorities were informed of his arrest. Two former ISI officers have been questioned about Pearl’s murder.
    The Observer, Vicious Web of Intrigue that Trapped Daniel Pearl, February 24, 2002

    Mr Daniel Pearl was decapitated ruthlessly. What plans had been made by the ISI in collusion with Ahmed Omar Sheikh while he was in its custody only God knows! The Interior Minister of Pakistan and even President General Pervez Musharraf were not aware of this plan.

    Not only in Pakistan but also throughout the world, the educated and politically aware people know that the ISI is above all the institutions and even above the law in Pakistan. ISI is a State within a State. ISI is not answerable to the Presidents, Prime Ministers or anyone else.

    ‘They are a state within a state… ‘The ISI is the only institution powerful enough to
    dare to disobey the President.’
    The Guardian, Torture, treachery and spies – cover war in Afghanistan, November 4, 2001

    The ISI is responsible for harbouring the terrorists’ not only in Pakistan but also throughout the world under the pretext of “Jihad”. The ISI is not at all happy with the decisions taken by the present Government for eradicating religious fanatics, as they are its own creation.

    The ISI and only the ISI is behind this barbaric killing of Mr Daniel Pearl because the ISI wanted to give the message to the USA that by supporting the present Government the USA will not be able to achieve its goals and the United States of America must deal with the ISI and not with anybody else; and if the United States of America would continue to support the present Government then they have to face and see many more barbaric acts.

    From early on in the Pearl investigation, ISI involvement was evident.
    The Observer, Vicious Web of Intrigue that Trapped Daniel Pearl, February 24, 2002

    Dear Secretary-General,

    The ISI has become a monster and until and unless the ISI is disbanded or dismantled, my apprehensions are that the ISI will continue to form, fertilise, harbour, train and provide financial support to create more and more religious fanatical groups like Jesh-e-Mohammad and others.

    The intelligence agency’s past actions indicate that its interests – or, at a minimum, those of former agency officials – have often dovetailed with the interests of Mr. Pearl’s kidnappers, as reflected in their original demands. New disclosures of links between Mr. Sheikh and two recently dismissed agency officials only intensify suspicions about its role in this case.
    The New York Times, Death of Reporter Puts Focus on Pakistan’s Intelligence Unit, February 25, 2002

    Dear Secretary-General,

    I request you to convey my apprehensions to the International Community including the United States of America and its allies and to use your good office to ask the Government of Pakistan to dismantle the ISI. I would also request you that for the dismantling of the ISI, full support and active involvement of the United Nations, USA and the International Community would be required otherwise the present Government or any other Government in Pakistan would not be able to dismantle the ISI.

    I also request you that if the United Nations Organisations and international community seriously and sincerely want to see the entire world free from any source of terrorism, they must take serious and practical steps and actions for completely wiping out the ISI otherwise, it would be too late for the world’s sorrow and tears. The killings of innocent people would be the fate of the world.

    Thank you for giving me your precious time.

    Yours truly,

    Dr Imran Farooq

  • Musharraf refuses to appear before any commission

    ISLAMABAD, (SANA): Former President General (r) Pervez Musharraf has refused to appear before any commission set up regarding investigations of the murders of late Benazir Bhutto and Nawab Akbar Bugti.

    This he said in an interview with private TV channel, adding that it was not his responsibility to provide security to Benazir Bhutto; who told her to come out after opening roof top of her vehicle?

    He said that the President is not supposed to provide security to anyone, adding that it is not the responsibility of State to provide security to every one.

    He said that he feels it awkward when the security agencies are being accused of having a hand in BB’s murder.

    He said that the police provided fool proof security to BB which is appreciable, adding that only people like Jahangir Badar are alleging him of the BB murder.

    Musharraf said that provincial government of Balochistan is responsible for murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti, adding that Frontier Constabulary has been established to defend the sovereignty of the country but Akbar Bugti was fighting with it on the mountains of Balochistan.

    Commenting on the statement of Pervez Musharraf PPP leader Jahangir Badar said that Pervaiz Musharraf is directly responsible for BB murder, adding that Brigadier Zulfiqar Cheema gave wrong statement about hitting of sunroof of the vehicle on orders of Pervaiz Musharraf.

    Badar said that State was responsible for providing security to BB, adding that being the head of the State Musharraf was responsible for the provision of security to Benazir Bhutto.

    He said that no one is above the law including Musharraf, adding that Musharraf would have to answer the question.

    He said that investigation report of UN Investigation Commission had also declared Musharraf and his government responsible for the killing of BB.


  • Plot to assassinate BB not hatched at any Brigadier house: Rehman Malik

    Federal Minister for Interior Rehman Malik has said that plot to assassinate Benazir Bhutto Murder was not hatched at any Brigadier’s house and the media should refrain from such news which spread wrong impression.
    Talking to media at Karachi airport on Friday, Rehman Malik said news regarding plot to assassinate Benazir Bhutto was hatched at a Brigadier House is baseless and such plotting are made at Terrorists houses.
    He said BB’s murder inquiry report was not presented in PPP Central Executive Council and it was not handed over to anyone including the President.


  • The plot thickens; the mystery deepens! Are we anywhere near to getting the ‘thick-heads’ and the ‘Deep State’ to answer in a scientific investigation all the relevant questions surrounding the murder conspiracy before a transparent court of law tries the case? Or would it be too much to expect?