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The Real Story of Jibran Nasir’s Anti-Red Mosque Activism and Khurram Zaki’s Martyrdom

zakiThere are barely any organisations that are completely monolithic. Lobbies, groups, hierarchies and layers exist in all organisations. And like any other organisation, there are such lobbies within Pakistan’s ISI as well.

Within ISI there are small and weak lobbies that now consider the Deobandi network and their iconic figures such as Molvi Abdul Aziz of Red Mosque as threats to Pakistan and want to do away with them but they cannot go ahead with their plans due to powerful lobbies within ISI that still support and use the Deobandi network, or have been ideologically infested with the ideology.

Jibran Nasir was also an experiment by one of those weak lobbies within ISI that couldn’t do much itself due to internal pressure and therefore tried to use a fledgling and opportunistic activist as a face that could create public opinion against Molvi Abdul Aziz, an icon of the Deobandi network in Pakistan.

When Jibran was tasked with this duty and started working on it, several other people including sincere, brave and dedicated people like Shaheed Khurram Zaki also joined what they thought was a genuine movement. Since they were oblivious of fact that Jibran has been tasked with it, they worked hard with passion and vigour and ultimately there reached a point where Khurram Zaki became the face of what became a real movement.

Jibran’s ego was hurt and he also failed to deliver on the task he had been assigned. At the same time, the lobby within ISI that had tasked Jibran with the assignment started to feel the heat from within the organisation and therefore had to call off the operation. Jibran tried his best to force Khurram Zaki to stop the protests but since the latter was honest and dedicated, and wasn’t taking any dictations, he relentlessly went ahead against the Red Mosque, Molvi Abdul Aziz and the Deobandi terror network.

Jibran Nasir publicly insulted Khurram Zaki, put up Facebook posts against him, and even tried to pressurise him through ISI directly, but Khurram didn’t stop. He was adamant to fight the Takfiri Deobandi terror network and root it out of Pakistan, or die doing it.

By this time, the chic Jibran Nasir had developed enough contacts to move on to greener pastures, sell himself to international donor agencies like the Soros Foundation and travel the world. Khurram on the other hand was fighting alone on the streets and in the courts against Molvi Abdul Aziz, ASWJ/LeJ and Aurangzeb Farooqi. But he was left in the lurch.

Khurram Zaki was eventually killed by the Takfiri Deobandi terrorists because he was all on his own except his few friends. No intelligence agency was handling or protecting him and no donor agency was paying him. He left this world in a very honorable but a very heart-rendering way. He was shot at a small roadside tea shack while Jibran was probably sipping coffee at an upscale cafe discussing an upcoming cosmetic event at a five star hotel paid for by an international donor.

Jibran Nasir after having insulted and left Khurram Zaki alone, shamelessly returned to hijack his funeral and then sell his blood. Khurram Zaki was truly mazloom. And Jibran Nasir continues to sell Khurram blood and the blood of thousands of other martyrs.

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter

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  • So to clarify a few allegations mentioned above.

    1. The only cases still pending against Abdul Aziz are by Jibran. Total of three cases. Two in lower court and one in high court. Date of hearing 28th Sept.

    2. ISI agents dont reveal their connections. When khurram announced protest in Dec 2015 outside lal masjid and note he wasnt their in dec 2014, the Islamabad administration called Jibran as they thought he is also protesting. Three people called him. Asst. Commissioner Islamabad, SP City Islamabad and Director ISI Islamabad and Jibran himself revealed this on his facebook page only saying that the city administration on security grounds had asked khurram not to protest there. The reason Jibran didnt attend the protest is because since the registration of FIR against Aziz jibran hasnt once protested outside lal masjid and shifted protest to outside the Aabpara Police Station as he believes the ball is in Govt’s court now.

    3. It was Jibran who collected and drafted the evidence file against Aziz in January 2015 and sent it to all MNAs and Senators and got Nisar cornered in the Parliament after which Aziz was forced to come and take bail in his cases.

    4. As regards Mazhar Ali Azhar please stop referring to something as frivilous as Wikipedia and read the report of Supreme Court of Pakistan by Justice Munir and Justice Kiyani specfically Pg. 254 and 255 where it is noted that Mazhar Ali Azhar was a shia and jibran mentioned that just like Taliban and ISIS claim to follow sunnis similarly not every Shia is a representatives of the Imam. People are individually evil or corrupt as well.

    5. As regards Malik Ishaq, Jibran’s blog on his death is available on Pak Tea House. He primarily criticized the Pakistan Govt and Judiciary for failing to him a sentence and then being forced to kill him through encounter as this is not a sustainable solutions to the problem of terrorism in Pakistan and Jibran believes in strengthening institutions.

    6. As regards Khurram Zaki jibran has always publicly admitted to have differences with him but has never made accusations on any public forum about the intentions of any activists even though ppl continue to question his intention and damage his integrity.

    7. Also why dont the close friends of Khurram Zaki reveal that didnt Jibran leave his own Mamos funeral in lahore and came to Karachi to help register fir for khurrams murder and wasnt jibran forced to address the people at Khurrams funeral to calm ppl down as they were getting rowdy. Wasnt it Khurrams close friends and his brother who asked Jibran to speak at the Funeral.

    Let’s try to encourage all those that are tying to make a positive difference and rise beyond personal likes and dislikes